Did you know the average family spends hundreds of dollars on razors every year? And if you think about that cost calculated throughout an entire adult life (or two if both you and your spouse use razors), it’s a lot of money.

Good news though: you’re never going to pay full price for razors when you use these tips!


1. More blades don’t necessarily equal more shaves.

It’s an open secret that you’re not getting more shaves because you have five blades on your razor head instead of two. In fact, it’s arguable that the reason manufacturers keep adding blades is to add interest — and dollar signs — to their products.

TIP: Dry your razor blades after every use in order to prolong the life of your razor.


2. Always calculate the price per shave.

Razors are sold in many different quantities, so in order to get an apples to apples comparison, we have to calculate the price per shave.

I’m using an average number of shaves each razor can deliver. You may get more or less out of your own razor based on how much dullness you can manage and how coarse your hair is (more coarse = less shaves). But for math purposes, let’s go with the idea that you’ll get six shaves per razor.

Step 1:
Number of shaves per razor (6) x Number of razors in a package = Total shaves

Step 2:
Price ÷ Total shaves = Price per shave

So it looks like this, using a pack of Gillette Sensor 3 disposables as an example:

6 shaves x 8 razors = 48 shaves

$2.99 per package ÷ 48 shaves = $0.06 per shave


3. Follow KCL to find out about the best razor deals.

It’s better than paying attention to store sale cycles and sweating through matching up coupons with sales, I promise. KCL has an entire team of professional couponers who make it their obsession to know sale cycles and coupons for every major grocery and drug store. Sign up for KCL emails or download the KCL app. Or both — basically, just let us do the heavy lifting.


4. Print razor coupons online.

If you’re getting serious about stocking up on razors, you might consider picking up a couple newspapers at your local Dollar Tree on Sundays. At the very least you need to be printing all the razor coupons you can find.

Print Bic coupons

Print Schick coupons

Print Gillette coupons



5. Download Ibotta and Checkout51 to access cash-back offers.

The best part about these rebate offers is that you can use them with coupons and sales and all the things. You don’t have to take any action in the checkout line and your checker doesn’t have to know you redeemed an offer.

You can often add a dollar or so to your savings when you use coupons to buy razors on sale and then redeem a rebate offer on top of it.


6. Print high-value razor coupons ($3-$5 off) right when you see them.

Print high-value coupons whenever you see them on Coupons.com.

Since KCL stacks coupons with sales, there may not be a deal to jump on the same day you see a high-value coupon. But there’s bound to be a deal in the month or so before the razor coupon expires. And if you print it right away, you’re sure to have it when there’s a sale.

It’s also a good time to ask everyone you know to print coupons for you and also to plan to make multiple trips to the store so you can stock up.


7. Stock up on disposable razors when they reach $0.04 per shave or less.

Remember, I’m calculating price per shave based on an average of six shaves per razor.

Bic — Free-$0.02 per shave

  • 3-month stock up price: $0.99/package of 6 razors
  • 6-month stock up price: Free

Schick — $0.02-$0.04 per shave

  • 3-month stock up price: $1.99/package of 8 razors
  • 6-month stock up price: $0.99/package of 8 razors

Gillette — $0.03-$0.04 per shave

  • 3-month stock up price: $2.00/package of 8 razors
  • 6-month stock up price: $1.50/package of 8 razors


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8. Stock up on cartridge-style razors when they reach $0.42 per shave or less.

These prices are for the full razor itself and the three refills the razor usually comes with.

Schick — $0.25-$0.42 per shave

Schick Hydro/Hydro Silk

  • 3-month stock up price: $2.50/package
  • 6-month stock up price: $1.50/package

Gillette — $0.25-$0.42 per shave

Gillette Venus

  • 3-month stock up price: $2.50/package
  • 6-month stock up price: $1.50/package

Gillette Fusion/Mach 3

  • 3-month stock up price: $2.50/package
  • 6-month stock up price: $1.50/package


9. Ignore razor genders and follow the deals instead.

People are opinionated about razors, but to me, having a fresh razor for my legs is more important than having a pink razor. And ditto for my husband. As long as it’s fresh, it’ll do the job, so jump on whatever razor deals you find find and then divvy up the loot between all the razor users in your family. #razorequality


10. You can make money when you use coupons on razors.

About five or six times a month, you can make money when you coupon for razors. We call these “moneymakers.” You can find these deals most often at drugstores like Walgreens and Rite Aid, but keep an eye on Walmart deals and Target deals too.

More often than not, razor moneymakers will depend on store rewards programs, for example, this expired deal requires you to sign up for Walgreens Balance Rewards. It’s a moneymaker because you’ll get $3.00 in Balance Rewards points that you can spend at Walgreens like cash at a later date. (Sign up for Balance Rewards.)

Buy 2, Receive 3,000 Balance Rewards Points through 2/24

Pay $2.98, Receive 3,000 Balance Rewards Points ($3.00)

Final Price: $0.02 Moneymaker, when you buy 2



11. Find the best Bic deals at Walgreens.

Uhh, speaking of moneymakers. . .

Walgreens is the best place to not only find the best deals, but also make money on Bic razors. In fact, in the past two months alone, we’ve seen eight Bic moneymaker deals.


12. Find the best Schick deals at Walmart.

Look for Schick deals at Walmart a couple times a month. Last summer, there were a ton of Schick coupons. Walmart gets a lot of exclusive Ibotta offers too, which makes it a great place to redeem Schick offers from Ibotta, only stacking up your savings.


13. Find the best Gillette deals at Target.

About once every six weeks or so, Target runs Gillette gift card promotions like “Buy four Gillette items and get a $5.00 Target gift card.” When combined with Cartwheel offers and manufacturer coupons, it’s easy to win on Gillette at Target.


14. Skip buying replacement heads for your cartridge razors — stockpile razors instead.

If you are a loyal Gillette Fusion or Venus user, aim to replace entire razors instead of razor refill heads. The razors themselves are loss leaders for manufacturers. This is why we see so many coupons for full cartridge razors and not as many for refills. The actual razor is the gateway drug to spending loads of cash on refills (at least this is what Gillette and Schick are hoping).

Go ahead and just skip that part and focus instead on stockpiling cartridge razors themselves.


15. Or find generic refill heads on Amazon for a fraction of the cost.

Double check to see if you can get a generic version of your cartridge razor refills on Amazon. For example, we found these Gillette Mach 3 generic refills for $0.20 per shave, compared to the Gillette version, which comes out to about $0.29 per shave.


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16. When there’s no stock-up deal in sight, go with Dollar Shave Club or Dorco.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is like a subscription service for razors. Their basic schtick is that they keep the razors coming and also supply you with creams and lotions for shaving. You can cancel anytime.

If you’re gonna try this out, wait for the “first box for $1” promotions. Dollar Shave Club offers these around Father’s Day and the holidays. During these promotions, you can get four razor cartridges for $1.00, or $0.04 per shave, which is right up the stock-up price alley.


Dorco claims to offer the ability to customize your razor and blade — they offer a 7-blade razor (which you know by now may or may not mean anything).

Plus, Dorco often runs BOGO free deals, and at least once every other month you can aim to save at least half on a Dorco starter kit. It’ll include one handle and about 19 razors, coming to about $0.16 per shave — not a bad deal in a pinch.


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How to Never Pay Full Price for Razors Again