It is absolutely insane how much food we buy, but never actually eat.

For instance, the average American family spends an average of $240 per week on groceries, but only about 60% gets eaten. It’s time we all stop wasting food, people!

Today (9/11), KCL co-founder Joanie Demer appeared on The Doctors TV show and discussed foods that never go bad. If you missed the show, check out the video here!

Joanie asked The Doctors’ audience which two of five mentioned foods never go bad:

Pure vanilla extract, instant coffee, canned tuna, frozen veggies, canned veggies. . .which foods have you thrown out thinking they went bad?



Pure vanilla and instant coffee last the longest.

Next time you organize your pantry, don’t throw out any pure vanilla extract or instant coffee — both products last a reallllly long time.

The alcohol content in pure vanilla extract (around 35%) keeps the flavor fresh longer. Imitation vanilla extract, on the other hand, only contains about 2% alcohol. (HINT: the cheapest place to buy pure vanilla extract is at Costco. You’ll only pay $2.18 per ounce vs. $4.32 per ounce at Walmart.)

Coffee beans start losing their flavor as soon as they’re ground, while instant coffee is freeze-dried, sealing in the coffee flavor longer.

Here are 26 More Items That (Almost) Never Go Bad.


For more press appearances by Joanie and Heather, check out The Krazy Coupon Lady YouTube channel and watch other KCL segments on The Doctors here.


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