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Saving money is oh-so-addicting! Devoted couponers understand the “high” one can get when they see their total drastically drop at the register. Experiencing that rush for the first time is like winning the lottery, and it’s easy to want to feel that sense of achievement again. Like, right away. Now. And so you run to the next store looking for the next great deal to cash in on. The only thing is that it gets tiring more quickly than you’d hoped. Here are some tips to keep your couponing fire alive.

Start and Stay SmallThough it's tempting to go to eight different stores every week to get all the great deals, stick with one or two when starting out. Learn the coupon policy, and focus on those weekly rock-bottom prices. Even with know-how, you should still keep things on a moderate scale. Seasoned coupon shoppers may frequent one or two grocery stores and a drugstore each week. This saves on fuel, time, and a big headache!

Sale Cycles: Remember that this is not the one and only time that toothpaste will be free or pasta will cost a quarter. The industry standard for coupon and sale cycles is three to four months. Instead of buying a three-year supply of spaghetti sauce all at once, just get enough to get your family by for three to four months. For non-perishables, having a year supply is a good target.

Stockpile: Once you gain a reasonable stockpile, you'll be heading to the store less often. You'll already have all the shampoo and deodorant you need for the next year, and your cereal stash will put your neighbors to shame. A stockpile also frees you from having to run to the store every afternoon to buy what you need for dinner. Instead you can go "shopping" in your stockpile and spend more time cooking, studying, or having family time.

Set a Pace: Couponing is not a sprint, so there's no need to dash about to every store as fast as you can to beat everyone else. Your worst enemy is yourself if you take on too much. Set a pace you can maintain. Sitting down and scheduling couponing time (clipping, organizing, planning out trips, and shopping) can be very beneficial. Know when to slow down and focus on other things, and you'll find couponing to be a relaxing, enjoyable, and profitable hobby!


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