February is a month with an annually strong dental health focus. As such, February is the designated month for recognizing National Children's Dental Month, National Pet Dental Month, National Dental Month, National Dental Hygiene Month—you name it, if it’s dental health related, it’s probably happening in February! Yet it’s often hard to find time to stop everything to assess the health of your teeth, your pet's teeth, your partner's teeth and your children's teeth.

Here's hoping these great, free apps can make keeping your whole family's teeth healthy much easier!

For kids

1. Time2Brush (for iPhone only)

This fun and festive free app is great for supporting good dental hygiene in kids (especially ages 7 and under). Time2Brush takes kids through the whole "brush cycle," starting with a squirt of toothpaste and ending with a thorough rinse.

2. Monster Mouth (for iPhone and Android)

This fun, free app puts your child in control, playing at being a dentist for a wide array of monsters with awful tooth problems.

3. Brush DJ (for iPhone and Android)

This awesome, free app is great for kids and parents alike! It uses 2 minutes of music to set up a competition to see who can get their teeth clean the fastest. The app was designed by a dentist, so it also includes helpful reminders in the form of calendar alerts, such as alerts to change out your toothbrush and set your next dental appointment.

4. Star Teeth (for iPhone)

Star Teeth lets your child pick a new "brushing buddy" for every day of the week. Choices include holiday figures, princesses, superheroes and more.

5. Colgate Tooth Fairy (for iPhone and Android)

This lovely little app from dental products giant, Colgate, works hand-in-hand with its website, where kids (and parents) can enter their email address to get a free "visit" from the Tooth Fairy. The app includes helpful brushing tips, brushing timers and fun games.

For Adults 

1. Dental Expert (for iPhone and Android)

Dental Expert is packed full of useful information that is updated constantly. Dentist Dr. Marc Lazare oversees the app's information and frequently asked questions resource. You can find out all about different dental procedures, from cosmetic to general to emergency dentistry.

2. DDS Anywhere (for iPhone and Android)

The DDS Anywhere app gives you the ability to stay in constant contact with your dentist as may be needed. You can send alerts for emergency situations, sync up your appointments calendar with your other calendars, get information and more.

3. iBraces Help (for iPhone)

iBraces Help is great for adults who are considering braces and for parents who are learning about orthodontia for their kids. You can watch how-to videos to teach you how to take good care of your braces and also how to troubleshoot if you have problems.

4. ADA Dental Symptom Checker (for iPhone and Android)

This app is part of the American Dental Association's "Mouth Healthy" website. The app lets you check your symptoms against a wide range of dental conditions so you can be fully informed as you seek treatment.

5. CavityFree 3D (for iPhone)

Last but not least, this app shows you exactly how to brush and floss to lower your risk of getting cavities—and spending the big bucks that fillings and root canals often command!


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