I have three nephews and a niece. While my niece prefers American Doll, my three nephews are nuts about anything LEGO (in fact, my sore and tender LEGO'd feet often remember our visits long after I’ve left their house).

So I’m always on the lookout for two things: thicker-soled shoes and new ways to save on LEGO.

Here are five ways you can save on the LEGO sets your family loves!

1. Pley

In some circles, Pley has been touted as the "Netflix of LEGO" ever since its debut. Instead of buying the pricey building blocks, you rent them. It’s easier on your wallet (and your feet!) and handily addresses that moving target of kids' activities—changing interests.

Here is what you need to know:

  • You join for $9.99 a month (upgrades are available).
  • You can cancel anytime without penalty.
  • Shipping is free both ways.
  • If your child falls in love with a set, you can buy it.
  • LEGO sets are cleaned and sanitized before shipping.
  • Choose from more than 250 LEGO sets.
  • You can trade in LEGO sets you own for $5 per pound in Pley credit!


2. eBay

Did you know eBay has an entire sub-site dedicated to LEGO resale? Oh yes—the site that has everything has LEGO sets too! Plus, they have a helpful guide to address common issues when buying second-hand LEGO sets, such as missing or broken parts, dirty sets, missing packaging, etc.

You can score deals on bulk LEGO pieces, mini-figures, LEGO City sets, Ninjagos (my nephews' current reigning favorite!), Star Wars, Transformers, Harry Potter and many more popular sets.

3. The LEGO Shop

While it may be hard at first to wrap your mind around how the official LEGO Shop could offer a deal good enough to beat any others, the LEGO Shop actually offers quite a few creative ways to save—and even score free LEGO toys!

By joining the LEGO email list, you can be the first to know about new promotions, sales, deals, discounts, coupons and new releases. By visiting the Sales & Deals page, you can find sales and deals on brand new items, items that will be retired soon, exclusive items, and seasonal items.

As well, when you join the VIP Program, you can earn points for purchases (100 points = $5). And you get free shipping on any order over $75. So if you play your cards right, you could find some tidy savings by shopping at The LEGO Shop.

Finally, if you live close to a LEGO brick-and-mortar store, many stores host monthly "Builds" for kids, where your kids can attend, learn to build something new, and take it home—for FREE. Talk about a great way to provide some neat entertainment and get free LEGO sets too!


4. eBates

The beauty of a website like eBates is that you can save twice and use rewards points or gift cards—in other words, there are plenty of opportunities to stack the savings on LEGO and everything else!

For instance, you could use eBates to shop LEGO at Target online, and use the free $5 gift card you got just for joining eBates to get a discount on what you buy. Plus, you can get cash back on your purchase and use the eBates price compare tool to find out if the Target deal really saves you the most.

5. The Plastic Brick

The Plastic Brick is your online home for finding gently used LEGO sets for as much as half off retail price. You can shop using a variety of parameters, including category, theme, pieces, mini-figures, featured, price range, new or used, includes box, includes instructions and more.

You can also sell back your new and used LEGO sets for cash—and you don't even need to clean them before you send them in! Use their easy online form to generate an offer for what you want to sell.

5 Ways to Score Major Deals on LEGO