I treasure my mom so much that I wish I could give her a fabulous vacation for Mother’s Day, or take her to dinner at a really fancy restaurant! However, these things are only thoughts because that’s all I can afford. The challenge is to show my mom how much I love her, make her feel special and like she’s worth a million dollars—but not actually spend a million dollars!

Luckily, my mother really appreciates my creativity, which means I don’t have to break the bank every Mother’s Day. To celebrate Mother’s Day with your special mom, I’ve listed 6 tips to treat Mom on the cheap this year!

1. Give her a coupon for a specific service you will provide

Your time will mean so much to your mom, and it won’t cost you a dime! Depending on your mom’s interests and needs, you might give her car wash coupons, back rub coupons, or grocery run coupons. Click here to print specific coupons or a blank coupon you can fill in yourself.

2. Make a memory jar

One of the best gifts ever for a mom is to know that her child appreciates their memories. My sister and I made a memory jar for my mom this year. It’s certain to bring a smile to her face, and she’ll cherish every memory she reads. It’s so easy to make. First, type up all of your favorite memories and print them out. Cut out each memory and tie it with a string, add them to the jar, and decorate the jar with a label or ribbon. We did 365 memories to last her an entire year; then she puts them all back in and starts over!

Your finished product might look something like this:

Via Pinterest.com

3. Dedicate a song to her on her favorite radio station

This may sound corny, but everyone gets excited just hearing their name on the radio or TV. Call the station in your mother’s local area and ask what opportunities are available. Maybe the morning program has a special time for dedications. In my local area, my favorite music station has a call-in time from 8-9pm where you can dedicate a song to a special person. Get creative and make her day wonderful with a special dedication!

4. Take her out on a date

Maybe a Broadway show isn’t in your budget, but you can find local productions in your community by checking your local newspaper’s “Arts & Entertainment” section. My local paper has a calendar of local free events by the week. Another avenue is to check local college websites for free concerts or plays. You can also stay at home and have a marathon of her favorite TV shows!

5. Create a gift basket of her favorite items

If you’re out and about couponing for freebies, moneymakers, and samples—make sure to keep your eyes open for Mom’s favorite items. Maybe she’s on a fixed income and certain items are a luxury. Make her a spa gift basket by checking out these free samples, product promotions, and coupon savings!

  • Visit Olay.com for coupons and a promotional purchase of $50, get a $15 prepaid card.
  • Request free Nivea samples for your basket here.
  • Free samples of Cottonelle Flushable Wipes are here.
  • Join the Clinical Strength Loyalty Program: Purchase 4 Secret Clinical strength deodorants, send in 4 receipts or UPC codes, and you’ll get a coupon for a free deodorant!
  • Score a $1 coupon off Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer.

6. Use your talent to show your love

Thanks to my mom’s financial sacrifice, I learned to play the piano when I was young. For Mother’s Day, I plan to make her a CD of her favorite songs played by yours truly. Do you have the gift of photography? If early morning is her favorite time of day, catch a beautiful sunrise and make a special photo for her computer’s screensaver. Maybe your talent is that you make fabulous cupcakes! Make a special batch for your mom. Your mother will be proud of your talents, no matter what they are!

6 Free Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day