Amazon Mom is a special Amazon Prime program designed to help moms, dads, grandparents and caretakers save on the baby and toddler care products you need most. Periodically (such as just this past November 2014), the program goes through some changes.

Whether you are currently an Amazon Mom member, are in your 30-day free trial period, or are still pondering whether it makes sense to join, here’s what you need to know about the new program updates.

Amazon Mom overview 

Amazon Mom used to be a free standalone program. As of this year, Amazon Mom is part of the Prime umbrella and is fee-based after your 30-day trial period.

  • What a 12-month membership costs: $99
  • What this membership includes: You get Amazon Prime and Amazon Mom perks.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you can add Amazon Mom to your membership free of charge (see below for the how-to).

The perks

Amazon Mom's perks have changed somewhat as well. Here’s what you need to know about current Amazon Mom perks and discounts. You get all of these perks during your 30-day free trial period as well.

  • 5% off baby wipes. Get 15% off wipes when you subscribe to 5+ items.
  • 15% off Subscribe & Save items when you subscribe to 5+ items.
  • 20% off diapers (15% Amazon Mom discount + 5% Subscribe & Save discount).
  • 15% off baby registry completion (available 30 days before your due date).

Other Amazon Mom discounts and coupons:

You may not be eligible for all of these discounts and coupons during your free 30-day trial (read the specifics of the offer to learn more).

  • Get invited to periodic Amazon Mom Appreciation Events that offer 20% off discounts, capped at $100 in savings. (Here’s an example of a past event.)
  • Earn a $10 credit for each friend you refer who signs up for the 30-day free trial, joins Amazon Mom, and then makes a purchase of $25+.


Amazon Prime perks 

In addition to your Amazon Mom perks, you get these additional Amazon Prime perks.

  • Free 2-day shipping.
  • Unlimited streaming access to movies/television shows, books and music.
  • Use of Amazon Prime Photos (store your photos online in a secure location for free).
  • Early access to Amazon Lightning Deals (see deals 30 minutes before non-Prime members).
  • One free Kindle book checkout per month.
  • Amazon Prime Invite (where you can invite up to four other people in your household to use Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping by piggybacking off your membership).

Join Amazon Mom 

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you can add Amazon Mom easily.

  • What to do: Navigate to "Your Account" then to "Settings" and then to "Account Settings." Scroll to "Amazon Mom Membership" and click there to add Amazon Mom.

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you can enroll in Amazon Mom's 30-day trial period, after which you will pay $99 per year.



Amazon Mom: What You Need to Know About the New Program