October is known for spooktacular Halloween parties, delicious candy and outrageous costumes.

Coupons come by the dozens for bags of candy emblazoned with skulls, pumpkins, or ghosts. At the end of the month we are left with tempting clearance racks full of tasty sweets and sumptuous treats, costumes at half price that are great additions to the dress-up trunk, and a headache from running around in the cold weather while we follow our kids from door to door in an attempt to get the most free candy in the neighborhood!

But while Dental Awareness Month may not happen until February, few are aware that the American Association of Orthodontics have stepped up and declared October to be National Orthodontic Health Month. The reason is probably very simple: Those of us who are blessed to be sporting our own year-round costume of railroad tracks on our teeth are not able to enjoy the delicious candy apples that are so popular this time of year!  We are not able to chomp on all those caramel popcorn balls. Crunching down on a lollipop will break our brackets off. Oh, for a taste of freedom…

So while my kids loved hanging around the waiting room during my appointment this week because of all the spiders and bats also hanging around, there are several other reasons to consider a visit to an orthodontics office this month.

Save on Orthodontics Costs in October

  • Cash In: My orthodontist's office is offering a Candy Buy Back program this year. So my kids can enjoy getting all that free candy, because while they may not be able to eat it, we can get money for it! Other offices are offering free oral hygiene educational programs or donating funds to charities that provide financial assistance for children in need of braces.
  • Special Discounts: Many orthodontists offer deep discounts this month in celebration of Orthodontic Health Month. If you've been putting off getting that consult for braces, this is the month to do it. Consults are usually free, and the savings on your potential bill may well be worth it! And quotes for braces are usually valid for 3 to 6 months after the consult, so there's still no rush to jump in the chair!
  • Start Saving: Many company health benefits programs are due this month, and signing up for a health savings account is a great way to pay for braces while saving on taxes. Funds for HSAs are deducted BEFORE taxes, so if you are looking for braces in the family, see if your employer offers this benefit. Just remember that with a health savings account you will lose the money if you don’t use it, so don't sign up for more than you'll spend during the coming year.
  • Adult Orthodontics: Have the smile you've always wanted! Yes, more and more adults are now signing up for braces. According to estimates, 30 to 35 percent of orthodontic patients are adults. And while few dental insurance programs offer to help pay for adult braces, some do! If your dentist has suggested braces, this is the month to do it!

So go ahead, step up and smile! Guaranteed you're not going to be the only one stepping into the orthodontist's office this month!


Brace Yourself: Save on Family Orthodontist Costs