One of the best ways to discover savings on the brands you prefer is to go straight to the manufacturer for coupons and special offers. You can then save the coupons to your phone or print them out and redeem them in store—or if you are more of an online shopper, you can use the coupons online. I use the same brands over and over, and for many, I'm not willing to substitute another brand even if it is cheaper. This way, I can still use my favorite brands, but I can also save money. Here is a handy list of many trusted manufacturer names in dental, eye and nasal care. Pick your favorites, nab their instant coupons, and sign up for their email newsletters to get even more coupons!

Dental care coupons

Crest, Colgate, Tom's of Maine, and Sensodyne are four of the biggest names in dental care. Of course, no explanation is needed for either Crest or Colgate. Tom's products offer all-natural dental care. Sensodyne (my dad's favorite) is for folks with sensitive teeth and gums.

1. Crest / OralB / Scope

2. Colgate

3. Tom's of Maine

4. Sensodyne

Eye care coupons 

In my family, we all wear glasses, contact lenses, or both. Our family ophthalmologist has recommended each of these brands at one time or another over the years.

1. Visine / Johnson & Johnson

2. Renu / Bausch + Lomb

3. Alcon / Opti-Free

4. Clear Eyes

Sinus care coupons

It can be tough to address ongoing sinus issues. You might take allergy medication, use nasal sprays or rinses, stay indoors, get shots, or some combination thereof. Here are some trusted names in nasal care for when you need relief from sinus and nasal issues.

1. Neil Med

I don't know anyone in Houston where I live who doesn't complain of allergies—especially in the spring and fall. I first learned about Neil Med from my doctor when she recommended I try something called a "neti pot" to ease sinus congestion. I fell in love with this easy, cheap home remedy and the rest is history! I still use Neil Med every morning (oh, and they also have great products for ear and wound care).

2. Claritin

Claritin is my allergy med of choice. I know others who use Allegra or Zyrtec (or other brands) but I’m a Claritin gal through and through.

3. Ocean Nasal Care

I first learned about Ocean nasal spray from my mom. It’s very handy to take on trips—especially when you think your nasal passages might become dry and irritated from traveling. They have products for adults and kids.

4. Little Remedies

This company specializes in safe, natural, comfortable kids’ remedies. Little Remedies is part of the same family of brands including Dramamine and Clear Eyes.


Get Coupons on Dental, Eye and Sinus Care--Straight from the Manufacturer!