There is a rumor going around that math can’t be fun. But it is not true! Head over to Zulily now where Learning Wrap-Ups Math Games are as low as $6.99! Wrap-Ups Math Games were developed by a teacher to help her students better understand addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a way that is fun and tactile. They are designed for kids of all ages and skill levels!

Included in this sale is this set of Addition Wrap-Up Keys. Your little learners will use the string to wrap the problem to the answer and can double check their work for accuracy just by flipping the key over. This set suits 1st through 3rd grade students. Its original price is $10.00, but you can purchase one today for only $6.99. Right now, the same game is selling on Amazon for up to $13.99. Through Zulily you are enjoying a 50%  savings!

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This sale is good through March 15, 2012.  Shop now for the best selection!

Mathematics Games for All Ages as low as $6.99!