As a mom with two kids, take it from me: It's easy to be a sucker when it comes to making purchases for your baby. Resist these pre-baby purchases to save about $423!

1. A crib that doesn’t convert into a toddler bed.

You’ll get twice the amount of time out of a convertible crib versus a traditional one ($123), thus saving the cost of a toddler bed ($109). By shopping around, you have the potential to save up to $72 by choosing an inexpensive convertible crib like this one ($160).

2. A bassinet that’s only good for about four months.

Don't even get me started. I understand bassinets ($124) save space, but they aren't much smaller and are only good for about four months versus a playpen that lasts a couple of years. There will be at least $39 more in your pocket by declining a bassinet. Be smarter about your playpen purchase by choosing one with cool attachments like this playpen ($85), and you'll have something similar to a bassinet.

3. A changing table that isn’t multi-purpose.

I'm talking about the kind that solely sits there and isn't multi-purpose ($99). Look into a dresser (because you're already buying one—probably for around $134) that has a space to change baby on top as well as drawers to store clothes. Bada-bing, bada-boom! You get to keep $63 in your wallet! Consider purchasing a dresser like this ($170).

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4. A video monitor that you’ll be too tired to stare at.

I get it—you want to see baby at any given second, but he’ll be just fine. Besides, you’ll be so tired that you won't even have the strength to stare at your sleeping baby through a monitor ($130). Save $100 by giving up your desire to be a helicopter parent. Try a basic audio monitor ($30) instead.

5. A diaper pail that still ends up stinking at the end of the day.

I'm here to tell you those things aren't worth a darn! Not only do you have to purchase the pail ($50), but you also have to purchase the expensive cartridges that go with it. You'll save at least $50 by passing on this purchase. Instead, use recycled plastic grocery bags to contain stinky diapers (just remember to keep them out of baby's reach).

6. A bottle warmer that does the same thing as a microwave.

They're nice to have around, but bottle warmers ($26) aren't really necessary. You can always warm up some water in the microwave if you need to. Save $26 by ignoring this product. If you have a small Crock-Pot, then use it as a microwave alternative. Just set the Crock-Pot on low (or warm), fill it about halfway with water, and you're set with warm water whenever you need it.

7. A fancy high chair that sits just as high as a booster seat.

Trying to find an affordable high chair left me wanting to scream. Then I realized the high chairs with cushions were way more expensive ($103), so spare $73 by going a different route. There are some decent booster seats that do the trick ($30). No need for a fancy high chair!   This is a guest post by Leah P. from Krum, TX.

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Save $423 by Avoiding These Pre-Baby Purchases