Wondering how to save money on prescriptions? According to a February article in the Harvard Health Letter, the steps you take when buying a car could be just the prescription help you need.


Granted, you won’t be getting a car, but the point I’m trying to make is that if you want to save on prescriptions, you should shop around. That’s exactly what the Harvard Health Letter suggests.

Do discount prescriptions really exist?

This may be tough advice to swallow for the person who knows her pharmacist by his first name. Shopping around means that you might be a little unfaithful to your current pharmacist if you find one in town who has better prices. Doing this simple act—picking up the phone and calling other pharmacies in the area—can be equivalent to getting discount prescriptions. The reason behind this is simple. Some pharmacies have relationships only with the drug wholesalers. However, there are some pharmacies which deal directly with the drug manufacturers. By doing business this way, they cut out the middleman and can pass the savings on to the customers in their stores. This gives the consumer solid prescription help without prescription coupons.

Compare prescription prices at all vendors

But wait! There’s more!

Some of the big grocery chains and big-box stores can also cut you quite a deal on prescription drugs. To take advantage of this type of prescription help, you’ll have to shop in bulk, so to speak. If you’re willing to get a generic brand and are willing to stock up on a 30 to 90-day supply of said prescription, you could walk out of Walmart or wherever you shop with drugs that cost you as little as $4.00. You just have to ask the pharmacist for a list of the drugs that are covered.

Hook up with a prescription assistance program

Take down these numbers if you want prescription help:

These drug companies have prescription assistance programs as well as prescription coupons for discounts. There are some eligibility requirements, including income constraints. You can get a referral and information from:

Surf the web

If you’re reading this, then at least you’re familiar with the worldwide web. Or you’re reading this to benefit someone who needs prescription help. In either case, surfing the web can net you big prescription discounts. Drug finder programs just require a zip code, and in exchange, you’ll get information about area pharmacies and drug prices. Here’s a partial list of programs:

To find more programs, contact your state’s attorney general’s office.

Final thoughts about comparing prescription prices

Yeah, I know you don’t want to talk to the help desk at Medicare, but it’s worth your time. Changes to the program happen every year. Knowing what’s on part D of the annual report for Medicare can help you save money on prescriptions as well as know where you’re spending too much. And if you really don’t want to talk to Medicare, then ask your pharmacist for help unraveling what part D says. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know her if you’ve switched because you’ve been shopping around for cheaper prescriptions.

This is a guest post by Buffy from Boise, ID.


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