Fall is here, and winter follows closely behind. I have a new baby, and I want to keep him comfy in his car seat.  I’m by no means a helicopter mom, but I do like to keep him warm and snuggly.

Here is a fantastic deal from CarseatCanopy.com. The manufacturer takes decent, designer fabrics and crafts specialty covers that fit virtually any carseat. They cover the baby entirely.

For a limited time, they are offering a FREE cover. The buyer pays for shipping.

Click this link and choose “Shop Now.”
Buy 1 Maddox Carseat Canopy at $49.95.
Use Discount Code KCL4COVER at checkout.
Enter billing and shipping information.
Final price: $12.90 shipped. 

Now I know my baby boy is protected from fall and winter temperatures. He’ll be snug as a bug in his carseat.

Snug As a Bug: Score a Free Designer Carseat Canopy