I love finding ways to improve my life with things I already have at home!  Here are a few solutions for problems I have every day!  Read on for some quick and easy tips that will cost you next to nothing.

Baby Powder

Love this idea for preventing pit stains — only problem is, it requires ironing (which I loathe)!  Sprinkle a bit on a shirt’s collar and underarms and then iron.  The powder will create a barrier and repel sweat stains.  Plus, there was just a $1.00 Johnson & Johnson coupon which will make for super cheap Baby Powder at Walmart or Target!

Baby Wipes

Don’t you HATE when you put on your shirt and get deodorant all over it!  Use a baby wipe, and it will wipe right off.   Finally, a way to keep my black shirts looking nice.

Liquid Fabric Softener

This next recipe is something I use almost daily, because, as I said, I really hate to iron. I fill a spray bottle 1/3 full of  fabric softener and  top it off with water.  Simply mist over any wrinkly clothes and hang to dry.  The wrinkles will disappear like magic.

Thanks, Real Simple! 

Use Baby Powder to Prevent Sweat Stains & Other Creative Solutions!