1. Discount Mags


Discount Mags brings you super-cheap magazine deals (like a whole year's subscription for the price of a single issue on newsstands!). You also get free shipping plus an extra 20% off by typing in the code "KRAZY" at checkout. Other perks include a money-back guarantee and no auto renewal.

2. Next Issue

Next Issue is a digital magazine subscription service. They have a free trial period of 30 days when you can read any magazine you want. After your trial period ends, you can then choose to pay a small monthly fee to continue reading monthly magazines for free.

3. All You

All You is a monthly magazine with an online component. You can get two free trial issues of All You magazine by visiting their website. Also, right now they’re giving new subscribers a steep 30% off back-to-school discount (which works out to $1.36 per issue for 12 issues–use code “SCHOOL”) and you get a free gift with each new subscription.

4. Redeem rewards points from credit cards or airlines.

If you have airline miles or points set to expire or you’re earning rewards points on a credit card, check to see whether you can convert some of those points into free magazine subscriptions instead (I have done this several times with my expiring airline points).

5. Amazon

When a friend of mine moved to South Carolina, I wanted to get her a subscription to Coastal Life. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it for less than $18—until I checked on Amazon, where I found it for $10! Last time I looked on Amazon, I found WiredGlamourEvery Day with Rachel Ray, Allure, and tons more for $5 or less!

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6. Rewards websites

If you’re a member of any rewards websites, did you know you can use your points to get magazines for free or cheap? Just log in to your online portal to find out how to redeem your points for magazines.

4 Great rewards websites to check out:

  • RecycleBank. Help save the planet and get rewarded with free swag, like magazines!
  • RewardSurvey. Share your opinion and earn rewards points towards free mags and more.
  • Swagbucks. Take polls and surveys, test games, and qualify for gift cards you can use to buy magazines and lots of other great items.

7. Value Mags

No matter when you check Value Mags, all you have to do to find free magazines is click on the link that says "Free Magazines." From free e-books to bridal guides, sports and travel mags, you just never know what great freebies you may find!

8. Niche magazine deals


It is often harder to find a freebie or really good deal on a niche magazine unless the magazine has just launched. But—as with nearly all good deals—you can still find it for less if you know where to look!

  • Best Deal Magazines: Not only does Best Deal Magazines offer deals on hard-to-find specialty magazines, but you can also check out their weekly specials for deals under $10.
  • Mercury Magazines: This unique service looks at your profession to match you with magazines of interest. Be prepared to complete a few questions before your offers pop up.


9. Call or write the publishers and ask for them.

If you call or write the magazine directly, you can often nab at least 1-2 free trial issues. If the magazine states it has a "controlled subscription" it typically means it’s free for the asking (this applies to many trade publications, journals, newspapers and magazines that are published in limited quantities to a select audience).

10. The Krazy Coupon Lady

If you’re new or are just used to heading straight for the coupons, you might not realize KCL also posts alerts about free and super-cheap magazine deals too!

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The 10 Best Ways to Get Free (and Really Cheap) Magazines