Sometimes it’s good to think outside of the earnings box.


1. Use your mad skills on Fiverr and make $60 an hour.

Adept at singing songs about ducks? Writing birthday haikus? Leaving creative messages on other people’s answering machines? You make $5 per task, and Fiverr keeps 20% ($1) of whatever you sell.


2. Sign up for trials, estimates, and insurance quotes to earn $108 an hour.

A little-known trick to joining sites like InboxDollars and Swagbucks is to sign up for the free offers (or free trials) and quotes. Then you just cancel prior to your card being charged (and decline any services offered). While this requires a little added effort on your part, most companies are easy to cancel by logging in to your account or by picking up the phone.


3. Be a TaskRabbit and make $15 an hour. is where you can sign up to run small tasks for others (think Uber for errands). Whether you prefer gathering groceries, walking a dog, or proofreading a local kid’s science paper, typical tasks take no more than a few hours. Average costs start around $20/hr for your choice of tasks, and TaskRabbit keeps 20-30% of the contractor’s fee.


4. Sell your hair and score up to $1,500 an hour.

Want more bang for your buck? Sell your bangs. is the largest online hair marketplace where people broker their hair, whether it’s long, short, or even in the form of a man’s beardy gloriousness. You just pay the three-month listing fee of $14.95, which should be more than ample time to cash in on your coiff.



5. Deliver food as a PostMate and make $8 an hour.

PostMates is an on-demand delivery service where you get paid to make deliveries from local stores or restaurants to the hungry among us (think Lyft, only you’re delivering food instead of people). You make 80% of the total cost, plus tips (so when you earn $10, you keep $8 plus the $2 – $4 tip).


6. Become an errand runner and make $10 an hour.

Someone locally needs toilet paper. . .stat. (in addition to finding health staff and caregivers for clients) hires errand runners like you from their vetted pool of hard-working taskmasters to accomplish client wish lists. You pay the membership fee of $156 a year to gain access to opportunities, then you make roughly $11.75 an hour.


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7. Use your words as a voice-over actor and earn $72 an hour.

If you have some recording equipment, software, and golden pipes, depending on the time you’re willing to put in, sites like Voice123 and will pay you to become the vocal pro behind some of your favorite commercials and other audio opportunities. Many jobs pay an average of $300 – $400 a spot, but expect to pay membership fees ($395 annual membership for both Voice123 and for being a part of the service.


8. Wash other people’s clothes and score $15 an hour.

You’re washing your underwear anyway. Laundry Care is a nationwide network of laundry lovers (totally a thing) where (as an independent contractor) you can choose to wash clothes, iron, or deliver dry cleaning for local clients and businesses. If you’re hired, there’s a one-time fee for a Laundry Care Branch Kit for $150 (which contains information, a handbook, business cards, a webpage, and other things to get you started).



9. Write captions for movies and earn $25 an hour.

Want to make money while working on classic TV shows, modern movies, educational videos, and more? boasts a robust captions service with no shortage of content by top-tier video producers. Apply, be accepted, and you should be able to start earning in under 48 hours.


10. Rent stuff out with Zilok and make up to $50 an hour.

Zilok is a site that lets you rent out anything from a movie projector ($50 a day) to a 10″ concrete saw ($63 a day). Not only are you freeing up space when you rent your stuff, you can even rent your storage space, garage, parking space, or driveway. Just pay the commissions fee (sliding scale of 5% – 9% for items ranging from $1 – $2,000).

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