How’s this sound? One app. Hundreds of complete magazines. One low, monthly fee. Texture is an app for your tablet or phone that lets you (and your family) read and browse hundreds of magazines. It’s a little like sitting in Barnes and Noble reading, but from the comfort of my own home (yay! No pants!) or while traveling (okay, pants). For me, it was totally love at first read with Texture, and here's why.

1. Start for free.

If you sign up now, Texture is offering a free trial period to see what it’s all about (say what?!).  After that, it's just a low monthly fee for all of the most amazing magazines you could shake a stick at (but why would you shake sticks? You’ll be too busy reading).

2. Choose the plan based on your needs.

Texture offers two different plans. The basic plan is $9.99 a month and includes access to hundreds of monthly magazines. I went with the premium plan, though, since for just $14.99 a month, I have access to hundreds of monthly magazines and weekly ones like Us Weekly and Sports Illustrated (for my better half).

3. Get rid of mail magazine subscriptions and save big.

In my household, everyone has at least one magazine subscription they can't live without. I was able to cut out all of those different magazine subscriptions and save a ton!  Another bonus: I’m never buying another magazine at the grocery store again. That alone adds up pretty quickly, since I won’t spend 5 bucks here and 6 bucks there with impulse purchases based on the articles catching my eye (28 uses for kumquats in the gym? Holla!).

4. Clean up your coffee table and save the planet.

No longer is my coffee table a hot mess of old magazine issues (airport chic, anyone?)! Getting rid of all the clutter didn’t even occur to me when I signed up for Texture. Now I just leave my iPad on the coffee table for anyone to read and relax. Plus you can hug a tree (and it’ll hug you back) knowing your digital reading enjoyment is totally sustainable.

5. Enjoy magazines anywhere on a wide variety of devices with your membership.

My household is technologically diverse. We’re talking iPhones, Androids, iPads, and Windows tablets. Guess what: Texture is available on every single one of them! With my texture membership I can share my subscription on up to five devices, so everyone can read what they want. Better yet, when I’m on the go I don't have to stuff heavy magazines into my purse anymore. I have everything available on my phone or tablet! 

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6. Enjoy something for everyone.


There are hundreds of magazines to choose from, organized through titles and main articles–literally something for everyone in my household. There are so many magazines on Texture I haven’t even heard of some of them, making it an adventure to discover new reading material! Texture makes it easy too, since they break content down conveniently by categories. I can always find new, exciting articles about fashion, home and gardening, cooking, kids, and parenting (hello, 37 ways to crochet newborn beard hats).  

7. Create your own personal library.

I don't have to scroll through hundreds of magazines just to find the ones I want to read (who has time for that?). With a tap here and a tap there, Texture allows me to create my own personal reading list, so what interests me is always readily available.


8. Read back issues.

It drive me nuts when I know I saw an article or recipe in a magazine (but I can't find the issue). One of my favorite things about Texture? I can always go back and read past issues of my favorite magazines. Never again will I lose that holiday recipe I’m dying to try. Now I have time to actually try those recipes. Here I come, cooking adventures! 

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9. Bank on bonus content.

Digital content obviously doesn’t work in old print magazines. With Texture, I never miss a new video recipe from Bon Appetit or an interactive slide show in Cosmopolitan!  

10. Fist bump Texture for no hooks or hidden fees.

Texture initially struck me as a little too good to be true. I mean there’s got to be a catch, right? I did a little bit of research and found out they’re telling the truth! Unlimited reading and only one monthly fee. Plus, if I ever think I'm not getting my money's worth (I don't see that happening!), I can cancel anytime. There are no costly cancellation fees or hidden contracts.

11. Read why my family loves Texture.

I’m not gonna fib. I wasn’t completely sold on Texture straight out of the gate. I was curious to know first, if my family would actually use it and second, how much money texture would save me. I asked my husband and kids to give me a list of magazines they’d read using Texture. Here are a few winners from our lists:

Me: Bon Appetit; Sunset; Vanity Fair; Women's Health; National Geographic Traveler; O, The Oprah Magazine; and my guilty pleasure Cosmopolitan.

My Husband: Esquire, ESPN the Magazine, DRAFT Magazine, Field and Stream, Forbes, Time.

My Daughter: Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, Seventeen, Yoga Journal.

My Son: Car and Driver, Rolling Stone, Backpacker, Outside, Maxim, Outdoors Life.

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(Bonus) Save $500 (or more) annually!

As it turns out, I added up all the subscription fees for their magazines and mine, and if I subscribed to all the magazines I just listed, it would cost nearly $500 annually. That's a whole lot more than a year's worth of Texture! Still not convinced?  Give the free trial a shot, and remember you can cancel at any time if you think it's not for you (I think you’ll love it, though).

Now if you’ll excuse me, my latest issue of Cosmo just downloaded and I need to update my lip looks.

11 Ways I'm Saving $500 on Magazines with the Texture App