If you hate making extra money, then I suggest you stop reading right now. However, if you, like most normal people, are up for making a little extra cash in 2016, then read on, my friend! We’ve rounded up 18 of our favorite ways to bring in some dough throughout the year. You can try one or two to make a little money, or try them all to add more wiggle room to your budget.


1. Be your own boss and get paid to drive people around town with Uber.

Give people rides and earn extra income on your own time (this means no boss and no set schedule) with Uber. As long as you have a valid driver’s license, and your four-door vehicle meets the eligibility requirements for your state, you can start earning with Uber. Take a few minutes to sign up and be on your way to receiving passenger fares that are directly deposited into your account weekly.


2. Get paid to scan the groceries in your fridge with National Consumer Panel.

The same company that tracks TV ratings has a new NCP app that will pay you to scan the groceries in your fridge. Every time you go shopping, you simply scan the barcodes on the back of each product and send your data off to NCP to get paid!


3. Trade in your old electronics for Amazon gift cards with Amazon Trade-In.

Why do we all save our outdated electronics? I’m talking about the stash of old DVDs, computers, phones, cameras, etc. stored in your garage. I know I have one. Amazon’s new Trade-In program makes the process of letting go of our old stuff easier than it’s ever been. Just go to Amazon for an immediate offer on your used goods, print out a prepaid label, and drop your electronics off at the post office. Once Amazon receives your package, you’ll get an Amazon gift card.


4. Earn up to $120 per year by listening to the radio with InboxDollars.

A number of websites will pay you to listen to the radio, read advertisers’ emails, and take surveys. We like InboxDollars. If you listen to their radio station daily, you have the potential to earn $120 in a year. Just watch for pop-up boxes every 10 or so minutes for the codes you need to be credited.


5. Rent out your home with Airbnb and VRBO.

You can put your house or apartment to work for you when you go out of town. Sites like Airbnb and VRBO are all the rage these days as they let you list your space and find qualified temporary tenants. They handle all the payments, help you verify the identity of your guests, and even insure your property against theft or damage. Guests like staying somewhere that is more homey, roomier, and less expensive than a hotel, and you can make a tidy profit (the amount varies by location) while you’re gone.

BONUS: If you’re traveling, you can save money on the hotel by booking a place through these sites.

DOUBLE BONUS: You can even rent out extra rooms while you’re still home.


6. Make money by letting people borrow your things with Zilok.

Your home isn’t your only asset that can make you money. If you have stuff in storage that you only use occasionally but can’t bear to get rid of, you may want to rent it. Zilok lets you list your goods and rent them for a day or longer. People list everything from ladders and sewing machines to bounce houses and gaming systems. Basically, you can make money on anything.


7. Search the Web and get rewarded with Bing.


With Bing Rewards, you can (and should) be getting compensated for the Internet searches you do every day. When you use a search engine, they make money from paid search terms and other advertising methods. When you search with Bing, they make money and give you a piece of the pie. That’s so nice of them.

Examples of rewards include gift cards to Amazon, Hulu, Starbucks, Skype, as well as charitable donations to organizations like Teach for America. Download the Bing Rewards app so you can earn on the go.



8. Make hundreds by joining a focus group with Focus Pointe Global.

Companies are dying to know what you think, and participating in focus groups and research studies can be more lucrative than the typical online survey. Focus Pointe Global offers opportunities for in-person focus groups in select cities, as well as online surveys, and national focus groups and research studies. Every group or study you qualify for typically pays anywhere from $50-$200, but some pay up to $900.


9. Get paid to shop by becoming a Jancyn mystery shopper.

Being a mystery shopper is one of those money-making tactics that’s been around for years, but always seems a little too good to be true. Well, you can believe it! People who work for Jancyn make anywhere from $5-$20 a shop and often get reimbursed for anything they spend at a restaurant or store.

10. Get paid to be fit with HealthyWage and DietBet.

People pay big bucks to get in better shape, but now you can get paid and be fit. We’re fans of both HealthyWage and DietBet. Both sites allow you to place a wager and earn cash when you successfully lose weight.


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11. Earn up to $50 a month taking online surveys with Pinecone Research and Opinion Outpost.

You can bring in an extra $10-$50 each month in cash or gift cards by signing up with an online survey company. We like Pinecone Research and Opinion Outpost. Sign up for them both, and you’ll double your earnings.


12. Sell your old stuff on Bookscouter and Listia.

You could have a garage sale or list things on Craigslist, or you could skip the hassle and join the 21st century. We like using the Bookscouter app to sell used textbooks, or the Listia app for basically everything else. With Listia, you receive credits for items you sell. You can then use those credits to buy things you want from other people.


13. Give paid tours of your city with Vayable.

If you have a weirdly intimate knowledge of some aspect of your city, you can make money by giving tours. Vayable lets you list and market your hometown experience and attract paying customers. Not only do you get to make money talking about places and things you love, but you also get to meet cool people from around the world.



14. Join an online jury with Online Verdict and eJury.

Depending on how you feel about jury duty, this one could be a dream come true, or your worst nightmare. Either way, making 10-$60 for answering questions and helping trial lawyers prep their cases isn’t too shabby. Online Verdict and eJury are just two of the sites that allow you to register to become a virtual juror.


15. Help people check things off their to-do lists with TaskRabbit.

Let’s face it, we live in a busy world. Now you can make money by checking things off of other people’s to-do lists. A simple application and background check is all it takes to get started working at TaskRabbit. You list what you’re qualified to do, and the leads will come to you.


16. Be an eBay retailer with SaleHoo.

You don’t have to wade through the boxes in your garage to make money on eBay. Companies like SaleHoo give you access to a wide variety of products you can buy at wholesale and sell. The best part? The items drop ship directly from the wholesaler and manufacturers, so you don’t have to deal with shipping, or store any inventory.


17. Write a letter to your Member of Congress with Next Wave Advocacy and DDC Advocacy.

Next Wave Advocacy, LLC and DDC Advocacy both have “@home” operations. They hire people to call constituents who might be interested in the issue at hand. Your job is to help those people communicate their opinions by writing letters on their behalf to Members of Congress. Wages vary, but most phone tasks pay about $11 an hour.


18. Babysit and earn with UrbanSitter.

Finding a trusted babysitter can be hard to do these days. Sites like UrbanSitter help connect people with quality childcare, and can be a good way to make extra cash. And no, we’re not talking the $3/hour you used to earn when you were 12.


BONUS: Get paid to do all the things you’re already doing with Swagbucks.

Now you can turn your mindless Web surfing into a paycheck. Swagbucks pays you cash or gift cards to watch videos, take surveys, and surf the Internet.


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