Did you know you can make some decent side cash simply watching movies or popular videos? It’s true! We found four legit ways you can earn $180 a year or even $50 a month!


1. Earn $50 a month watching movie trailers and popular videos with Perk TV.

The Perk TV app (iOS) (Android) rewards you for watching movie trailers and popular videos. Once you download the app, you can choose what you’d like to watch. The videos are usually 30 seconds to one minute long. You’ll get four points for every two videos you watch.

Also get paid to watch live TV through the Perk TV LIVE app (iOS) (Android). Simply search for the show you’re watching on the app and let it listen to your TV. You’ll get three points for every commercial break.

Make the most money on this app (like $50 a month!) by running it frequently. It automatically plays videos; you don’t have to do anything. Consider leaving it to run overnight or when you don’t need your phone.

5,000 points is equal to $5, and you can cash out in gift cards to Amazon, Domino’s, CVS, and more.

Note: Perk TV recently acquired Viggle, another app where you can earn money by streaming or watching live TV. You’ll earn Perk points, making it even faster to cash out!


2. Get paid $10 – $20 an hour to conduct 'Theatre Checks’ at the movies with Market Force.

When you sign up for Market Force as a 'Theatre Checker,’ you’ll get paid to do some pretty cool movie tasks for cash. Theatre Checkers help gather data for market research purposes, and the opportunities vary.

Become a Certified Field Associate and you’ll see a list of jobs. Find the ones you’re interested in and apply. You’ll get paid to watch and record trailers before movies play, count how many people attend a particular showing, or even watch a sneak preview of an upcoming release!

Pay is usually around $10 – $20 an hour. And you’ll also get reimbursed for your movie tickets plus the cost of concessions for some of the tasks!



3. Earn $180 a year by letting Media Insiders run in the background on your phone.

Become a panelist with Media Insiders and you can earn some decent passive income. All you have to do is qualify to be a panelist and allow Media Insiders to capture data about how you use your mobile device (currently only available for Android).

Run MI in the background of your phone once a week while capturing a live TV event, and you’ll automatically earn $1.25 a week ($5 a month). This means you’ll rack up $60 a year pretty much doing nothing. Plus, you can earn even more by connecting up to three devices. You could cash out yearly with $180!

See if you qualify to be a Media Insiders panelist.


4. Keep a diary of what you watch and the Neilson Company will pay you $30.

Nielsen is a global marketing research company that gathers information on what people watch, listen to, and buy. They select households to randomly participate in different surveys—one of those surveys is a TV-watching survey!

If selected (you’ll receive a phone call or envelope in the mail from Nielsen), you’ll get $30 in the mail along with a TV-watching diary to keep track of your TV-watching habits for a week. Once you’re done, you just have to send the diary back.

View Nielsen’s TV diary details.

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4 Ways to Make Money While Watching Movies and Videos