Springboard America is pretty (perhaps) surprising in its fabulocity (I just totally made up that word, BTW). While some previous users suggest issues with the company (some sound a little bit sketch, like Uncle Eddie who steals garden gnomes), I’ve had really good luck with this company.

Truth: Put aside what you thought you knew (about Springboard, not Uncle Eddie. He’s still weird). This company is one of our most popular money-making opportunities–and for a reason.

1. I use Springboard as a savings account.

Please note: Your shopping bag colors may vary.

Yeah, the payout minimum of $50 is a little high (we talked to Springboard about this, and they’re looking into lowering it), but when you continue to answer surveys through November, you can cash out to help pay for Christmas gifts. What’s more, there are different opportunities for payout, from direct deposit to Paylution to a check in the mail. You can choose your pay methods and be ready for Black Friday (or, better yet, Cyber Monday).

Tip: Need help with a question quickly? Message the team on Facebook. Minimally, they’ll tell you your next steps.


2. I like how easy it is to sign up.

Nothing says high octane surveys like coffee.

A few, quick questions and you’re already on the road to taking your first survey. When you sign up, you won’t get invitations for surveys right away, but keep your eyes open for email opportunities.

Tip: Always be honest and upfront. Their Terms and Conditions state Springboard can remove a panelist at any time if deemed fraudulent or deceiving the system. This can include (but is not limited to) signing up for multiple accounts, speed lining, straight lining, giving vulgar responses, or failing their quality checks and studies (both automated and manual).


To sign up, simply register HERE!

3. I like that I can choose the surveys.

America is all about the choosing.

When opportunities arrive in the mail, I can accept or reject them based on the time needed to complete the survey and the payout (they share both, which is pretty smart). Springboard also offers a number of added incentives (sweepstakes only being one of them), and because they’re always looking to improve, they’re exploring new opportunities constantly.

Tip: Don’t pass up too many surveys. If you’re inactive for a long time, you might be removed from the program.


4. I like the community interaction.

Bob always jumps right in whenever Facebook is involved.


When I’m not receiving invitations in my email inbox, I keep up with the latest on their Facebook wall. They’re really good at sharing what’s happening and keep the conversation going, so it’s pretty fun and interactive. And as I mentioned before, the company is super responsive on their Facebook page, so it’s easy to talk to a real person.

Tip: Find you’re spending too much time filling out surveys? Stick to a set amount of hours, as you would with any other job opportunity.


5. I know my surveys won’t stop coming just because I’m close to payout.

Your face just might freeze like this. #Awkward

Springboard doesn’t look at how close to redemption I am when inviting me to participate in surveys. That said, some demographics are more sought after than others, and surveys requirements can also vary greatly week to week. They assured me they 100% do not send fewer surveys when you’re close to cashing out.

Tip: Set up an email account especially for your survey accounts. This ensures your email inbox stays less chaotic and you’ll find your money-earning opportunities more quickly.

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6. I’m using Springboard while earning in other ways.

Wi-fi. It’s the world’s way of saying you should take more surveys.

No one survey site is going to be worth giving up your day job. That’s why it’s good to look for opportunities with different survey sites. (I especially love Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and Bing Search.)

Tip: The more you diversify in your earnings, the better. Little things add up, from using your mobile phone for Pinecone to stacking savings on things you buy with Raise.com.


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