If there’s one thing I absolutely hate, it’s to buy something one day and see it for a lower price somewhere else the next day. It’s just the most awful feeling—about the same as watching your hard-earned cash flushing itself down the drain.

However, with this excellent crop of online price alerters—we can avoid overpaying in the future. Each of these price alerters works a bit differently, so you can browse, mix and match and find the ones that work best for you!

1. Pinterest Price Drop

Pinterest makes it so easy to get price alerts you don't even need to do anything! Just pin items you like that have price information, and when the price drops—you’ll automatically get an email notification with details on the price drop. You can adjust the frequency of these emails in your Pinterest account settings.

2. Google Alerts

Google Alerts can be used for any kind of alert—including but not limited to price drops. Just fill in the form to set up your alert. You can customize it to send you as-it-happens, daily or weekly notifications, and specify the email address it sends the alerts to.

3. Price Grabber

Price Grabber is easy to set up and even easier to use. Just search for the product (use categories, brands, bar codes or descriptions to search) and set a price alert (click on "more info" below the item thumbnail, click on "Set Price Alert" in the upper right corner) so you will be notified when the price drops within your range.

4. Deal News

Like Price Grabber, Deal News goes wherever you go, and you can transfer between your online and mobile accounts seamlessly. You can search for what you want directly or browse daily deals, and set a price alert (click "Set Alert" in the lower left corner) to be notified when an item hits your price range.

5. Shop It To Me

Shop It To Me specializes in monitoring pricing for clothing, from major department stores to tiny boutiques (862+ brands in all). All you need to do is take a few minutes to tailor your search criteria (done during the account setup process) and then "heart" your favorite items, which will automatically let Shop It To Me know to send you an alert when the prices of those items drop.

Bonus tip: You can use this price alert's specific brand and size criteria to make it easier to shop for fast-growing children as well!

6. PricePinx

PricePinx works a little differently than most price alerters today. You sign up for your free account, then just follow the instructions to drag the bookmarklet over to your browser's bookmarks. Then just continue shopping as usual.

Whenever you see an item you like that is priced too high, highlight the price and click the PricePinx bookmarklet to set up your alert. PricePinx is set up to browse more than 1,000 of the most popular online retailers and send you automatic price alerts on each of your saved items.

7. Zing Sale

Zing Sale is a price alerter that gives you much more than just a price alert. You can also see any item's pricing history (from low to high and average price), buy any item just by clicking a button, or set up a price alert by clicking a button. Zing Sale works by searching Amazon's database of thousands of merchants to find the best price and alert you when prices drop.

8. Worth It

Worth It has inherited a chunk of displaced users in the wake of Hukkster's demise. You can use the browser extension, mobile app or both, and let Worth It do all the tracking for you. When you find an item you want to watch, set your own price and wait for an alert, then decide if the item is "Worth It" to you and, if so, buy it!

8 Price Alerters You Shouldn't Be Caught Without