By now, we’ve all noticed the lack of goods readily available on Amazon. Many staple household items that were once at your doorstep by tomorrow morning with a simple click are either not being shipped for weeks, or are not available to purchase at all. Here’s what’s going on.


Amazon is suspending all warehouse restocks for nonessential items.

In efforts to ease the stress this increase in online shopping is causing, Amazon shipment fulfillment centers are temporarily prioritizing specific products. Amazon announced that it won’t allow shipments of nonessential products to its warehouses, meaning only sellers and vendors selling the following and other high-demand products will be prioritized until April. Supplies from vendors not selling high-demand products will be suspended in the meantime.

If an item does not fall under a baby, health and household, beauty and personal care, grocery, industrial and scientific, or pet supply category, it will not be restocked through the beginning of April.


Amazon aims to restock high-demand products faster.

So what does this mean for us as consumers? Amazon is weeding out the lengthy process of accepting product that is not completely essential. That way, the things that are in high demand (think toilet paper, cleaning supplies, groceries) will be restocked sooner, and in your homes faster.

This new system has gone into effect as of Mar. 17, 2020, so keep an eye out for the essentials you need to become available again.


Amazon shoppers are already receiving notice of shipping delays.

If the product you order has low inventory, you’ll likely get an email, informing you of the shipping delay and allowing you to accept or decline the new delivery date.


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Amazon Suspending Restocks to Warehouses for Nonessential Items