I live in a small town in southwest Virginia, and my Craigslist never seems to have anything to offer! I’m always on the lookout for American Girl dolls, Pottery Barn items for kids, and all-things Thomas the Train. And if I can find these items at yard sale prices, even better!

I love eBay, but things tend to still get a little pricey so I started searching other towns on Craigslist to see what they had to offer. My eyes lit up! I just had to figure out how to get these things at cheap prices to my doorstep! I also had to find a way to search for certain things faster than going to each city/town one at a time and using the search tool. Here’s what I did to score big on Craigslist:

Ad Huntr

My husband had the answer: “There’s probably a search engine for Craigslist.” True! I have discovered Ad Huntr, a hard-working search engine that allows users to search for anything that can be found on Craigslist! Filter searches by state, price range, and when the ad was published to fine-tune and narrow results.

After finding that bargain, just reply to the ad and ask the seller if they would ship the item to you if you agree to pay by PayPal/money order and  also pay for shipping costs. More than likely the seller will agree. Or if you know someone who lives around that area, see if they’ll pick the item up for you.

List Alert

My whole day can be ruined when I find something that I have to have on Craigslist and someone else has beat me to it! Well, go ahead and obsess over that must-have item, because List Alert is here to help! List Alert is a program that will search Craigslist for you every second of the day so you won’t miss out on something. Create and manage alerts, and they will email you as soon as someone posts an ad with that sought-after item.

This is a guest post by Carly from Christiansburg, VA
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Amp Up Craigslist Searches with These Tricks