Have you ever impulsively bought a deal from a a site such as Groupon and Living Social only to realize sometime later that you’ll never use it or don’t want it? It happens to the best of us. According to a professor of business management at Rice University, an estimated 20% of daily deal vouchers go unused. But instead of eating the cost of the vouchers, consider selling them on DealsGoRound, CoupRecoup, and SmartySavers. Here’s what you need to know about these useful sites:

DealsGoRound.com was the first secondary marketplace in the world to allow consumers to re-sell and buy past daily deals from companies like Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, and the like. The company currently operates in 128 cities across the United States and Canada.

  • DealsGoRound is free for both buyers and sellers.
  • DealsGoRound guarantees the authenticity and availability of all deals purchased on the site. If you determine within 60 days of purchase and before the expiration date on the purchased deal that the deal is fraudulent or was previously redeemed, DealsGoRound will also refund your payment in full.
  • DealsGoRound also cross-checks every seller with PayPal for your protection.
  • If you sell a deal on the site, PayPal places your payment in a ten day “security hold” before releasing the funds into your account.
  • The site also offers a handy mobile application for on-the-go use.

CoupRecoup.com brings together buyers and sellers of local coupons in a free online marketplace. If you bought a coupon but realize you won’t get to use it, CoupRecoup gives you an easy way to sell it. Alternatively, if you missed a chance to buy a hot deal from a local coupon site, you can check out CoupRecoup for second chance deals. You can also find super-cheap deals on the site as deals are often sold for less than their original price.

  • CoupRecoup.com is absolutely free for buyers and sellers. The site does not charge buyers or sellers any fees for using the marketplace.
  • The site allow resales of coupons bought on any site, but streamlines the process for deals from Groupon, Fresh Guide, Living Social, Social Buy, and Tippr.
  • Payment arrangements are left up to the buyer and seller, but the site recommends that the buyer uses PayPal to send the seller the money, at which time the seller will email the coupon’s PDF (or the coupon code) to the buyer.
  • CoupRecoup, unlike other deal reseller sites, offers no guarantees on the authenticity and availability of the deals purchased on the site.

SmartySavers.com is a daily deal aggregator site that also has a feature called SmartySaver Second Chance for consumers who want to buy or sell their daily deals.

  • There is no fee to list deals on the site; however, the site will charge you $0.99 + 7% of the sale price when you make a sale.
  • Unlike sites such as CoupRecoup, sellers and buyers do not directly communicate on this site.
  • Smarty Saver Second Chance gives guarantee to all buyers on the authenticity and availability of purchased deals.
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