While making those holiday lists and checking them twice, your knees may weaken at the thought of paying for all those gifts.

Everyone thinks about buying during the holidays, but did you know it is also the perfect time to sell what you no longer need?

With the constant need or desire to upgrade, many people have an unused cell phone in their junk drawer or even in the kids’ toy chest. Those old cell phones (that are still in good, working condition) don’t have to take up space in the junk drawer. Many can be sold!

Here are some of the most reliable, fair sites currently offering cash for old cell phones. Many provide free shipping labels, so the process costs nothing!

  1. Amazon Trade-In. Amazon is a no brainer when it comes to trading old items in for cash. Not only can you turn in old toys, games and other media at this online store, but you can also get top dollar for used gadgets. Just visit Amazon’s “Trade-In” section and search for your cell phone model, and then a price is displayed (based on your phone’s condition). Have an old iPhone? Currently, a "good" iPhone 4S 16GB in white is worth more than $300! Shipping is free; just print out the label Amazon sends. Once the phone is received, it is inspected and the seller is given a final offer. If you don’t like the offer Amazon ships it back for free. If the offer is accepted Amazon credits the amount to your account.
  2. eBay Instant Sale. This is probably the first place that comes to mind when selling anything online. If you don’t want to wait through the auction process, eBay’s “Instant Sale” program deals solely with electronics and is much faster than auctions (you still need to create an eBay ID). It works much like Amazon: Rate the device’s condition, print off a free shipping label and send it. After eBay receives the device and decides on a price, money gets deposited into your PayPal account within five business days. If you’re not happy with the final offer, you can opt to have your phone shipped back to you for free. Currently on eBay’s Instant Sale program, an iPhone 4S 16GB in black is worth about $275.
  3. RadioShack. Next to a fast sale on the Internet, this is probably the speediest option. RadioShack is a great option if you don’t want to ship your phone, because you can visit any RadioShack to sell (make sure you bring the phone’s charger, too).
  4. Gazelle. Many people use Gazelle to sell old electronics, including cell phones.There is no need to register. An offer is made after the seller enters information about the phone. Print a free shipping label and send the phone. After final approval, choose to get paid with an Amazon gift card, through Pay Pal, or by check.
  5. NextWorth. Enter your phone’s information for a fast and free quote. If you accept the offer, print a free shipping label and send the phone. After final approval, get paid in a variety of ways including Target gift cards, Pay Pal, or check.
  6. eleGreen. There’s no need to register to get a quote here. Just enter the necessary information and eleGreen responds with an offer. If accepted, print off a free shipping label to mail the phone. After final approval there are many payment options (checks, multiple gift cards, and PayPal).
  7. uSell. This site, featured on numerous talk and news shows, uses a search engine to find the best price for sellers. Create a free account to get started. Shipping is free and there are a variety of payment methods.
  8. CashOldPhone. This site is best for sellers with older models that other sites may not buy. Offers aren’t as large, but an older phone is more likely to be purchased here. Offers are extended after the seller enters information about the phone. A variety of payment options are available.
  9. SellYourCell. This site boasts it is America’s “original cell phone buy back program.” They pay cash for old cell phones and recycle old phones that no longer have value. Create a quick account to get started. Shipping is free, and you can accept or decline any offer. Because sellers are paid by check, the process can take longer than other sites.
  10. Craigslist. Find a buyer closer to home by using this site. Create a free listing and wait for interested buyers to contact you. As always, this site should be used with caution. Never meet anyone in a secluded place, only in a large, public location. You may also wish to accept cash only. Always bring a friend when meeting a potential buyer. I have had numerous wonderful Craigslist experiences, but caution should always be taken!
Cell It: Sell Your Old Cell Phone for Cash