A lifelong avid reader, I have quite the collection of picture books, novels and college textbooks taking up tons of valuable storage space. Now I’m turning another page, clearing out, reclaiming space and making some extra cash.

To get some money back on my book investment I’ve turned to Half.com. It is not an auction site like Ebay. Rather, it’s a place to directly buy and sell new or used media. And it is easy to use!

Visit Half.com and click on the “Sell My Stuff” tab at the top of the page. Type the ISBN number (the number below the barcode) of a book, game, DVD or CD you want to sell into the text box. You’ll find out the value of your item and if it is selling.

Use a pull-down menu to select the condition of your item (be honest) and include any details about the condition so that the buyer knows what he is are getting. When you click “Continue,” Half.com will show you a recommended price. You can adjust. Click “List Item,” and wait for an e-mail saying your item has sold! Another perk is that the buyer will pay for the shipping and handling, so all you need to do is wrap it and take your item to the post office.

If you already have an Ebay account then you’re all set. If not, register online and provide a debit or credit card with your login. You will also need to provide a checking account and routing number so Half.com can pay you directly for your sales. Half.com deducts a small listing fee.


  • Don’t expect your items to sell right away.
  • If a few months pass, it may be time to consider donating those items.

Besides making a few extra bucks, you can also save a ton of money by buying used items like college textbooks.

This has been a guest post by Amanda from Greensboro, NC.
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Clearing Shelves: Sell Old Books, Movies & Games at Half.com