A Krazy Couponer never shops online without checking for a coupon code, right? Right!

It only takes a minute and can save an easy 10–20 percent or at least score some free shipping!

Those coupon codes can also be worth some extra cash in the pocket. At www.dealbandy.com, share hot coupon codes with others, and earn cash to spend at over 2,000 national retailers. It is free to create an account, and uploading codes is a cinch. Sharing may be caring, but it also means cash. Here’s how it works:

Visit www.dealbandy.com. Set up a free account. Mine took less than five minutes to create. That's it!

Enter coupon codes on an easy-to-use form. You’ll also need to enter the expiration date, a category it fits in, and any special instructions (if any). Click the "share offer" button. If the coupon code has already been shared the site will let you know. If not, it will go into their database for others to find when they need it!

So now comes the fun part…getting paid!  Earn $10.00 in a Dealbandy account with the first code shared. Earn additional cash when that code is used by another member.

Participants earn a percentage of the sale, which varies based on the retailer. Earn enough cash and purchase a gift card for one of the retailers that partner with Dealbandy.

Active members can sign up for the dealbandy.com points program. Points can also be redeemed for gift cards.

The site allows social network connections so friends can take advantage of coupon codes. A little work on Twitter and Facebook can really impact how much you earn.

I’ve been a Dealbandy.com member for 18 months. It is simple to share coupon codes that come through my e-mail alerts each morning. It only takes a minute to share a code, and each code I share nets me anywhere from $2.00-$5.00 after thirty days. Really, once you share the code, the rest of the work is done for you and will accumulate cash for you. In one month I can make an easy $20.00 just off of a few codes and a few minutes of work. Hey, that is half of a tank of gas!

So gather up those hot coupon codes and share hot discounts to get some cash in your pocket.


Codes for Cash: How to Earn Money by Sharing Coupon Codes