If you love that Costco hotdog and lemonade for $1.50 deal as much as I do, take heed: Costco food courts will soon require a membership card. You might just have to spring for a $60 annual Costco membership to keep on enjoying those dogs and drinks.

The menu at the Costco food court is notably cheap, with $1.50 quarter-pound all beef or polish sausage hot dogs, $2.69 chicken bake, 18-inch pizzas for $9.95, and $1.99 slices of pizza. It’s all pretty dang delicious — and a great way to tide over my kids while I shop.

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After March 16, Costco food courts will require a Costco card.

The warehouse chain has not yet announced if the change will be rolled out at every location or just specific stores. Find a Costco location near you.

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Buy a Costco Membership for $60 – $125 a year.

Not sure if you want to spring for a membership? A Costco gold star membership is $60 a year and gets you a card that can be shared among household members. (Or in some cases, even friends, which will help cut the cost.) They’re also including a $10 Shop Card right now for gold star memberships, and $20 for executive memberships.

  • The business membership, also $60 annually, allows you to add affiliate cardholders for $60 each.
  • The executive membership, at $125 a year, gives you 2% back on certain Costco purchases and discounts on some Costco services — like business printing, their optical department, or the prescription program — as well as select Costco Travel products.

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Costco Food Courts Will Soon Require a Membership Card