I've been in debt before and I sure didn't like it. In fact, I’m carrying some debt right now, and even as I slowly and steadily pay it down, I find myself more and more eager for the day it finally disappears. The trouble with debt is, it doesn't go away on its own (darn it). The only way debt will disappear is if we make it go away—one small, determined step at a time. These apps can help you manage debt anytime, anywhere.

Note: To date, there are very few free "get out of debt" apps—this list represents a summary of apps that are highly rated and also as cheap as possible…and free wherever possible.

1. Debt Tracker

  • Get it for iTunes (only offers Pro version for $1.99)
  • Get it for Android (free)

Debt Tracker gets rave reviews from iOS and Android users alike. Perhaps it’s because the app models itself on financier Dave Ramsey's popular "snowball method," which proposes paying off one debt at a time, from the smallest to the largest (in that exact order). Debt Tracker offers a number of invaluable resources that make paying down debt as easy as following one of the app's proven strategies (or customizing to create your own strategy).

The app includes the following features

  • Handy alerts to remind you to pay debt bills
  • Easy interface that displays debt balances all on one screen (complete with percentage paid on each)
  • Savings calculator tool to show you how much more you save by making extra payments
  • Password protection (on Pro version)
  • Credit line versus account balance tracking

2. Pay Off Debt App

This app has been given high ratings by Daily Worth, Yahoo Finance, Consumerist, and many users. The app is part of a greater community called "The Debt Free Club.” Jackie Beck, a finance writer, designed the app. Ms. Beck who, together with her husband, has paid down $147,000 worth of personal debt using the debt snowball method and designed the app to help others follow in their footsteps.

The app includes the following features

  • Prioritize your debts in payoff order
  • Password protection
  • Time to payoff calculator including interest
  • Progress bars (for motivation)
  • Set alerts and reminders for payments
  • View payment overviews, including history, current balance, time to payoff, and more for each debt balance
  • Record and track payments

3. Ready for Zero

This app uses the snowball method to help you pay down your debt. Ready for Zero is an entire community that provides a wealth of debt management and financial planning, and the app is designed to support an overall approach to paying down debt. MSN Money, CNN, Forbes, and many other media luminaries give the app and the community its highest praise. Best of all, the Ready for Zero app can stand head-to-head with any other debt management app available today, and (unlike many others) it’s totally free.

The app includes the following features

  • Debt tracker includes multiple debt types (student loans, mortgage, car note, credit card, bank, etc.)
  • Bank-level encryption and password protection
  • Sync paychecks with debt payments
  • Payment progress charts
  • Set alerts for payments
  • Connect all your online accounts via the app interface to view a complete financial picture
  • Integrates with all major financial institutions and banks
  • Track your credit score as you pay down debt

Note: Ready for Zero and Good Financial Cents also offer a neat program to give "debt scholarships" to individuals striving to free themselves from debt. Learn more and apply for a debt scholarship using this form: http://debtmovement.com/debt-scholarship-application/

4. IOU

  • Get it for iTunes ($2.99).
  • Get it for Android (free trial, then $2.99)
  • Get it for Windows (free trial, then $2.99)

This app takes a slightly broader approach to debt management, viewing debt in terms of things as well as money owed. The website states that users have already paid nearly $60 million in debt, and the app has gained favorable reviews from the likes of Lifehacker and MakeUseOf.

The app includes the following features

  • Password protection and cloud sync
  • Easy alerts and reminders via email and/or text
  • Apps work online and offline
  • All debts, bills, loans (for things and money) can be included
  • App can also schedule partial payments
  • Overdue debts reminders
  • Can track things borrowed and lent as well as debt reduction progress
  • Debt sharing with contacts (app can also store contacts)
4 Apps to Help You Get Out of Debt Faster