What’s better than earning quick cash? Earning quick cash and emptying out your junk drawer (and closet, and cabinets and garage), of course! Decluttr is a unique website that gives you the chance to sell back your old games, CDs, and DVDs, earning cash with each sale you make. Learn how your dusty, old relics can help save the planet—and earn you a bit of extra cash for a rainy day.

Decluttr buys used DVDs, CDs and games, then recycles them into other items, including ballpoint pens, traffic cones (yes, those orange cones that tell you where to drive), and even golf tees!

1. Visit Decluttr

Decluttr is available both online and as a mobile app.

2. How to start selling with Decluttr

Selling is as easy as using the online site or the app of your choice to estimate the value of your old games, CDs, and DVDs. Here is the step-by-step.

  • Collect a stack of games, CDs, and/or DVDs you want to sell.
  • Use the barcode scanner on the online site or the app of your choice to key in or scan the barcode of each item.
  • Note the valuation estimation of your item.
  • Continue entering bar codes until you’re finished.
  • Click "Complete Trade."
  • Print out the shipping label (comes via email or post—your choice).
  • Pack the items into a box (maximum 200 items per box) and attach the shipping label.
  • Drop your box off at UPS or USPS (or arrange for a free pickup).
  • You’ll pay nothing—the shipping label gives you free shipping.

3. How to get paid with Decluttr

Of course, the big question is always about payment—how and when and how much? Decluttr will receive your items and assess the quality of each. At that time a check will be issued for the total amount of your items. The check will be sent to the address you provided and the name you registered with (so make sure you use your legal name associated with your account).

Note: In order for Decluttr to accept an item, it must play through without skips or stops (minor surface scratches from wear and tear are usually okay) and still have all its artwork, booklets, and covers.


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