Just when you were about to book your summer trip to Disneyland, the Mouse House announced some big changes that’ll affect your vacation budget. We’ve got the details, plus how to get 2019 prices through Feb 20, 2020. Here’s what you need to know:

One-day Park Hopper passes now cost more than $200.

To bounce between Anaheim’s Disneyland and California Adventure, it now costs $209 (up from $199) on the highest demand days — like most Saturdays and Sundays.

Park Hopper passes on low-demand days — like Tuesdays and Wednesdays in March — cost $159, up from $154.


The cost of off-peak, one-park-only tickets didn’t change.

You can still get into California Adventure or Disneyland for $104 on a low-traffic day; no change there. But peak-day one-park tickets jumped 4% — from $149 to $154.


MaxPass prices are now $20 per person, up from $15.

Disney says it’s spendier now to skip the ride lines because they’ve added a bunch of new attractions to the reservation system, including the new Millennium Falcon ride.


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Parking is still $25 a day.

I mean, that’s good news, right?


Annual passes saw big increases, too.

The least-expensive Select Pass, which has blackout dates, is 5% more expensive, going from $399 to $419. The top-tier Anaheim/Orlando Premier Pass is a whopping 13% more expensive, up to $2,199 from $1,949.

These price increases are lower than in past years.

In 2019, a one-day ticket rose as much as 7%, and in 2018 it increased up to 18%.


Until mid-May, kids’ tickets cost as little as $66.33 a day.

Now through May 18, Disneyland has these “specially priced” tickets for children ages 3-9:

3-Day, 1 Park Per Day Ticket: $199 ($66.33/day)
3-Day, 1 Park Per Day Ticket with Disney MaxPass: $244 ($81.33/day)
3-Day Park Hopper Ticket: $254 ($84.67/day)
3-Day Park Hopper Ticket with Disney MaxPass: $299 ($99.67/day)


There’s still a way to get 2019 prices — or better.

While they aren’t selling single-day, single park tickets, aResTravel is offering 2019 prices for 2-day Park Hopper passes (with or without MaxPass), 2-day one-park-a-day passes (with or without MaxPass), and 4- and 5-day passes. Save up to $77 per ticket, now through Feb. 20!


Admission prices may sting, but you can save on additional expenses.

No need to make matters worse by spending too much on things like meals and stroller rentals. We’ve got all the shortcuts to help you keep costs low while at Disneyland.



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