When I was little, my mom impressed upon me that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Today, I’m learning more than I ever thought was possible about just how true that saying is! Never being one to turn up my nose at making extra easy cash, I’m always on the lookout to re-sell things I no longer want to people who do want them. This list represents some of the more unusual used items that still hold cash value in the resale market.

1. Cooking oil

Today, oil is at a premium—which means your used cooking oil is highly desirable to certain resellers. Typically you’ll receive pay by the gallon based on the current price of fuel. There’s no one centralized recycler or reseller, so the best way to find out where to take your used oil locally is to do an Internet search.

  • Search the Internet using "cash for cooking oil + (your city)" to find a local recycler.

2. Golf balls

People who love golf really love golf. Some of them love golf so much they even want to pay cash for your used golf balls!

3. Textbooks

In the first few years out of school, hanging on to those heavy (expensive) textbooks seems reasonable. But today there are companies eager to make a second buck off your used textbooks so why not sell them instead?

  • Cash for Books: http://www.cash4books.net
    • Enter the ISBN codes from each book in the window at the Cash for Books website.
    • Generate a free prepaid label and send in your books.
    • Get paid by check or PayPal.

4. Software

You might think no one wants your incomplete, outdated, or extra software. But to some, that old software still holds cash value!

5. Moving boxes

How many times have you gone scrounging at a local grocers (or in a neighbor's trash) to find used boxes for moving? Now you can make money on those same boxes after you use them!

6. Electronics (broken or working)

While it’s fairly common knowledge that used working electronics can be readily resold, what about those broken electronics lying around in your drawers and cabinets? As it turns out, those have resale value too.

  • Gazelle: http://www.gazelle.com
    • Search Gazelle's website to get an estimate of what your device is worth.
    • Ship it for free to Gazelle.
    • Get paid via PayPal, check, or in an Amazon gift card.
    • Buy My Tronics: https://www.buymytronics.com
      • Search the website to get an estimate of what your device is worth.
      • Ship it for free to Buy My Tronics.
      • Get paid by check or PayPal.

7. Sports gear

Yes, someone out there actually wants your old caps, balls, bats and other sports equipment—yahoo!

  • Play It Again Sports: http://www.playitagainsports.com
    • Visit a retail location to have your gear valued.
    • Accept cash on the spot or credit towards a future purchase.
    • Used Sports: http://www.usedsports.com/
      • Create a free ad to list your sports gear.
      • Accept offer from buyer.
      • Ship gear (seller pays shipping unless otherwise negotiated).
Earn Cash for These 7 Unusual, Used Items