Like many Krazy Coupon Ladies, I’m always on the hunt for good deals, so I tend to find myself going from store to store quite often. In fact, some days I hit up as many as four or five different stores to get those awesome coupon deals! I’ve often thought it would be nice if I could make a little money while running around — and now I can! A new app available for iPhone and iPad called Zapiddy allows users to complete tasks at local stores and make a little extra cash. If you’re already heading out to the stores, check out Zapiddy, and perhaps you’ll not just spend money, but make a little, too!

What is Zapiddy?

Zapiddy is a free mobile app that allows users to complete jobs or tasks for cash. Zapiddy jobs are financed by marketers and businesses that need to know what’s going on in local stores.

How does it work?

When companies need local information, such as how one of their displays looks, they post the job on the Zapiddy app for users to complete. When you log in to the app, you can click on the magnifying glass to see what jobs are available in your area. If you see a job that you like, you can add it to your "My Jobs" tab. However, be aware that when you add the job to your jobs tab, it does not reserve it — it’s more of a way of organizing the jobs that you want. If others users complete the job and the quota fills up before you get to it, the job will disappear. Once you complete a job you will submit it for approval, which usually takes a couple of days. Once it is approved you’ll be paid via Paypal.

How much can I earn?

Most jobs pay between $2 and $10 (depending on their complexity), and currently Zapiddy allows users to earn up to $570 per year. Zapiddy also allows you to link your account to one of several charities, such as Children’s Miracle Network, which will receive a small donation each time a job is completed.

What types of jobs are available?

Examples of jobs include snapping photos of displays, checking prices on various products, and even checking out product samplings happening at local shops! Many jobs will include a few questions and require a couple of photos. I recently completed a Mother’s Day-themed job, which required me to photograph three items at my local Target that would make good gifts for a mom, as well as one photo of a lousy gift – hmmm… vacuum cleaner, anyone? In return, I received $4.00 for about 5-10 minutes of work. Not bad! Other stores that have appeared on Zapiddy have included Stop & Shop, Giant, Walmart Supercenters, and Sam’s Club.

How often are new jobs added?

Jobs are updated constantly, so the availability can change at any time. There are usually more jobs available on the weekends, but these are often zapped (completed) more quickly, so if you see a job that you like, it’s best to complete it as soon as possible!

How do I start Zapping?

Zapiddy is currently available for the iPhone and iPad running iOS 5.0 and newer, and participants are required to receive payment via Paypal. The majority of jobs are location based, so you must have GPS enabled to complete them. You can download the Zapiddy app on the iTunes store and start Zappin’!

Earn Cash Completing Simple Tasks at the Store with Zappidy