I love mobile apps. I love being able to check movie times, banking info, coupon deals and just about anything else that I need on the go. I also love the games, and I’m always getting sucked into the latest one – yes, I’m talking about you, Candy Crush! Since I love apps, I enjoy checking out app trailers and trying out the latest apps. Now I actually get paid to check out new apps with AppTrailers!


What is AppTrailers?

AppTrailers is a free mobile app for iPhone and Android that pays users to watch, yep, you guessed it – app trailers!

How does it work?

Once you’ve downloaded and launched the app, you’ll be taken right to all of the current app trailers. Each trailer will have a short description of the app and how many points you’ll get for watching it. From here you can start watching trailers and earning points. The nice thing about these trailers is that the majority of them are very short – around 15 seconds.

Although app trailers are the bread and butter of the app, you can actually earn points several other ways. First, you can select the "TV" tab located at the bottom of the screen, where you will be able to watch trailers for TV shows! Next, you can choose the "Uploaded" tab and watch videos that have been uploaded by users (along with an ad at the beginning of each video). Finally, you can go to the "Promos" tab and find other ways to earn. These include tasks such as getting a quote from a select insurance agency, taking quizzes and even watching more videos. If you’re familiar with Swagbucks, these offers are very similar.

What types of trailers are featured?

AppTrailers features all types of trailers, ranging from fantasy games to social games to puzzles. However, not all of the trailers are for games. In the past, trailers have been available for Groupon, iPoll and Booking.com.

How much can I earn?

You certainly won’t get rich using AppTrailers, as each trailer is typically worth between 2 and 10 points, and it takes 1000 points to earn a $1.00 Amazon gift card. But after using AppTrailers for a couple of weeks, I’ve managed to make about $3 — and I spent less than 5 minutes each day on the app. Other rewards on the app include cash via Paypal, game codes for Nintendo, and gift cards to eBay, Nordstrom, Sephora and Macy’s.

How do I get AppTrailers?

Currently AppTrailers is available on the App Store and Google Play, and you can follow along with the latest news from AppTrailers on their Facebook page.

Earn Cash for Watching Trailers with AppTrailers