What are you doing right now? Yeah, you. Surfing the Web, picking at your cuticles, contemplating what to eat for snack? Wouldn’t you rather be making a little money? You wouldn’t even have to move from where you’re currently sitting. Check out Toluna—an online community where your opinion is worth money. On Toluna, you can tell some of the world's biggest companies what you think of their products and services and earn rewards by participating in surveys.

Toluna is free to join, and for participation in Toluna surveys you will be awarded points that are redeemable for cash rewards, gift cards at some of the country's most popular retailers, including Amazon.com, Target, and the Gap, or entries to the site’s monthly $4,500 giveaways.

Here’s how to sign up for this FREE online survey site:

  • Click Here to go to the Toluna website.
  • Enter your personal information (i.e. name, email address, education level, etc.) in the designated boxes and then click on the yellow “Register” button. Registration should take about two minutes to complete.
  • Once registered, sign in to the site and “opt-in” for surveys by selecting “Your account” from the “You” menu. If a survey matches your profile, you will receive an invitation by email. The more up-to-date your personal interest surveys are, the more chances you have of being invited to take part in surveys you qualify to take.
  • For each survey you will earn between 1,000 and 20,000 points depending on the survey’s length and complexity. Survey completion points are awarded in point values where 3,000 points is equivalent to $1.00. You can request payment when you have reached a minimum account balance of 60,000 points (which is equal to $20.00). Payments will only be made in multiples of $20; for example, if you have a balance of $22.00 when you request payment from Toluna, you will receive payment for $20.00, and have $2.00 remaining in your account.
Earn Cash Rewards for Taking Online Surveys at Toluna!