Today, the image landscape for professional photographers and hobbyists alike is changing rapidly. Uber-popular apps like Instagram and photo-sharing sites like Flickr have given even rank amateur photographers and enthusiasts a ready platform to showcase their images—some of which are quite creative and interesting! In their continual search for new images, companies, journalists and marketers are willing to pay for these photos, but must get the permission of the photographer first. This, of course, can be a challenge—but new sites and apps are now making it easier for buyers and sellers to connect. Learn how you can earn cash just for snapping/sharing pictures!

1. Indivly Magic

Indivly Magic offers amateur and pro photographers as well as graphic artists the opportunity to earn $1 each time an image in their portfolio is used. Additional cash bonuses and prizes are also offered for different levels of participation.

  • Types of images: You can only sell images you own all rights to. So if there are other people in your images, you can't sell them via Indivly Magic. But you can sell photos of yourself, of places, and of things.
  • Licensing options: Licensing means you still own the copyright to your photos, but the type of licensing you opt for determines how you can use those photos in the future. Indivly Magic offers two licensing options.
  • Non-exclusive: If you sign a non-exclusive licensing agreement, you can sell use of your photos to other sites.
  • Exclusive: If you sign an exclusive licensing agreement, you can’t sell use of your photos to any other site, but you can earn extra revenue via third party sites (30% of revenue).
  • Signing up: The sign-up form is simple. You just provide your email and a created password, choose your licensing preference, and submit.
  • Payment Options: You can cash out via PayPal each month at month-end, provided your account balance has reached at least $50.

2. Foap

Foap makes it easy to sell your original smart device images via the app of your choice. When a company buys your image, you make $5. All you have to do is download the app and upload your original images. Then wait for five users to rate your photo (minimum 2.6 rating required to proceed) and the app will then publish the photo for companies to browse. When your photo gets sold, you’ll get a notification and can immediately cash out.

  • Types of images: You can sell any image for which you are the photographer.
  • Licensing options: You can sell each photo as many times as you like (each sale earns you $5). You have two options for selling your photos, depending on what kind of photo they are and the content.
  • Commercial: If there are no other people in the photo, or if the people in the photo have given you their consent to use their image for commercial purposes, you can use that photo for a commercial sale.
  • Editorial: If there are other people in the photo and they’re recognizable, and if those people haven’t given their consent for you to sell it commercially, then you can only use that photo for an editorial sale.
  • Signing up: All you need to do to sign up is download the app of your choice.
  • Payment options: You can cash out as soon as you’ve earned $5. You cash out via the app. Submitting a cash out request prior to the 15th of each month ensures you are paid by month’s end.

3. Class photo fund

Just when you thought you might finally be ready to toss (or recycle!) your old yearbooks, along comes Class Photo Fund, the site that promises to monetize those grainy pics of you and your old college chums.

  • Types of images: You can upload any image in which every person is at least 19 years of age or older.
  • How to upload: You can scan or digitally photograph your old yearbook photos and upload them using the Facebook app or the website. Submit details (names, year, institution, etc.) along with the photo.
  • How to sell: When a classmate locates the old yearbook photos they want to obtain, they’ll click on each photo and download it either to their Facebook album or their computer. This triggers payment back to the uploader (you).
  • Payment options: Payment is straightforward. Every time a photo is selected and downloaded, you’ll get paid $1 via PayPal. The institution in the photo will also get paid $1. And Class Photo Fund will get paid $0.50. So Class Photo Fund is part for-profit and part non-profit—an unusual combination that benefits everyone!
3 Ways to Earn Cash by Selling Your Original Photos and Images