Back in the day (and not so long ago) I was a member of a street team. I also worked as a brand ambassador. I got paid to promote various products—everything from organic makeup to beer. I started doing this work to make extra money on evenings and weekends, and ended up working for various companies and brands for several years. In good months (especially during summer or around holidays) I could bring in $300-$400 per month in extra income. So if you’re at a place in your life where you need to generate some extra cash quickly, I highly recommend becoming a brand ambassador or joining a street team (or both)!

Defining terms: street team vs. brand ambassador 

While you may work for an agency that hires for both jobs, the roles are slightly different. Here’s what you can expect from working in a street team versus working as a brand ambassador.

  • Street team: When you join a street team, you may work for many different companies or brands. You’ll often work with a group of people. Often street teams do a lot of traveling—such as to a mall to promote products to a large group of people, perhaps by wearing branded attire and handing out free merchandise, flyers, or advance tickets to an event.
  • Brand ambassador: When you become a brand ambassador, you typically work for just one or a small number of companies or brands. Typically you work alone or with a partner. Most of my brand ambassador jobs involved standing in one place, perhaps offering food or beverage samples or handing out free samples of products.

The pay

When I was working in a street team and as a brand ambassador, I got paid $15-$20/hour (pay varied by the complexity of the job and the company doing the hiring). I don’t recommend working for less than $15 per hour on any job. In nearly every case, I was only paid for the hours I was on site (i.e. I wasn’t paid for drive time). Often, as an extra perk, I was allowed to keep leftover food, drinks, attire, or swag—but not always.

The dress code

My brand ambassador jobs always had a "business casual" dress code—typically black or khaki pants and a white starched shirt with nice shoes and long hair pulled back. Light makeup (for females) and minimal jewelry (for both genders) were the norm.

My street team dress codes changed by the company/brand. In most cases, the dress code revolved around a branded t-shirt, but on one memorable occasion I had to dress up in orange sweats to promote makeup made from carrots. So here you just never know!

How to find work

There are three main ways to find work on a street team or as a brand ambassador.

  • Use Craig's List: This is how I got most of my jobs—just by searching on Craig's List (the part-time, ETC, and marketing categories are best).
  • Sign up with an agency: I never worked with an agency, per se, but I did work for brand ambassador companies that scheduled food and beverage demos for a particular group of stores, such as Kroger or Spec's.
  • Word of mouth: Once you’ve done a couple of jobs, you can get a lot of great information from your fellow street team members and brand ambassadors. I definitely got some work this way! 

4 agencies to consider 

If you can't find any current Craig's List jobs in your local area, you might consider registering with one of these four nationwide agencies. Each of these organizations specializes in booking brand ambassadors, street teams, and models—all post current job openings on their Facebook pages.

1. Street Team Promotion

This company has been in business since 1999 and claims to be the "fastest growing network of street team, brand ambassadors, and buzz marketers in the world." No information about pay is listed online.

To apply: Send an email to with subject "Sign me up!" This will generate an auto-responder with more information about available positions in your local area.

2. Victory Marketing Agency

This agency provides street teams, brand ambassadors, and other part-time contractors for various special projects and events. No information about pay is listed online.

To apply: Complete the 7-screen online application.

3. ATN Nation

This company books street teams and brand ambassadors nationwide. No information about pay is listed online.

To apply: Complete this online application.

4. EventSpeak: Event Marketing Resource

This agency has an active brand ambassador job board—some jobs include posted pay rates.

To apply: Simply register and then click on the job you want and either apply for that job direction with LinkedIn or online.



How I Earned Extra Cash by Promoting Brands