I really do love gift cards. Some I use, and some I re-gift. So it goes without saying, I’m into anything I can do to earn free gift cards, and Swagbucks is one of the hands-down best ways I’ve found. Not only can I earn gift cards by completing short tasks and taking advantage of special offers, I can earn cash, too!  If you’ve never tried Swagbucks until now, you’re in for a gift card-rich year!

Swagbucks 101

If you’re brand new to Swagbucks, I promise this info will make you feel like an instant “insider!” Basically, every single activity you choose to do on Swagbucks earns you "Swagbucks" (abbreviated as "SB" for short). You can then turn around and redeem your SB for gift cards and cash to PayPal—it really is that simple!

Types of gift cards you can earn:

Or you can use your SB to enter Swagstakes (sweepstakes):

1. Special offers 

I know when I first started with Swagbucks, I felt a bit overwhelmed by everything on the homepage—I had no idea where to start. But then I realized everything I do on Swagbucks earns me SB, so I realized I could start anywhere and be earning right away!

What you should do first:

  • Join (by email or Facebook).
  • Complete your profile (you earn SB for each step!).
  • Navigate to "Discover" (top menu bar).
  • Click on "Special Offers" (first choice in drop-down menu).
  • Browse and earn!

Here are examples of current special offers:

Note: Notice the red arrow at the top takes you to "Discover – Special Offers" and you land on this page. Notice the red arrow pointing to the number of SB you earn for accepting the first special offer.

2. Watching videos 

Encrave (short for "Entertainment Crave") is one of my favorite ways to earn SBs. This is because the videos are the same ones I'd probably be watching anyway just browsing the Internet—but now I can earn SB towards free gift cards when I watch.

  • Types of videos: Everything from movie news and reviews to celebrity gossip, new clothing lines and (my most recent favorite) a spotlight on the 72 year-old grandpa who models teen clothing for his granddaughter's Internet fashion line (yes I really did earn SBs for watching it, too!).

What to do:

  • Click on "Discover" – "Encrave."
  • Start watching the curated videos of your choice.

Here are some examples of recent videos I’ve watched:

3. Playing games 

I don’t play a lot of games on my computer or phone, but I have to admit Swagbucks has a lot of fun games! Plus, what's not to love about having fun and getting paid for it? One game I really like is “Solitaire” (yup, when I do play, I’m into the classics), and most recently I took “Swagasaurus Run” for a test drive…I love dinosaurs, so I couldn’t resist!

What to do:

  • Click on "Play."
  • Search for games by category or name to find the ones you want to play.

Note: Disabling pop-up blockers is key to getting paid for playing games on Swagbucks!

Here are some examples of recent games I’ve played:


4. Taking surveys, polls and completing tasks 

I find one of the most consistent ways I can earn SBs (even if I only have a minute or two) is to take surveys and polls or complete small tasks. I can often earn a few SBs this way just while I’m waiting in line at the grocery store. (Bonus: this has also reduced my irritation with lines and traffic quite a bit!)

What to do:

  • Navigate to "Answer."
  • Select "Surveys," "Daily Polls," or "Tasks."
  • There are three survey categories (Gold, Partner, Peanut Labs) plus the Daily Poll.
  • You will need to complete one initial survey to unlock the other surveys in each category.

Here are some examples of survey categories:

  • Beside each survey you will see the time it takes to complete and how many SBs you earn.
  • The tasks are managed through Crowd Flower, and you can see how many SBs you earn.
  • Types of surveys, polls, and tasks: You can take surveys based on your medical history, product use, gender, or career; or answer surveys about the car you drive, or future plans. Tasks may include watching a new movie trailer, taking quizzes, or choosing your preferences between two or more items.

Here is an example of a Daily Poll:

Here are some examples of Tasks you can complete to earn SB:

5. Referrals 

I’ve told several of my friends about Swagbucks and they’re now happily earning away…and I’m even more happily earning a percentage of everything they earn!

What to do:

  • Find the little "people" icon at the top right (left of your name) and click on it.
  • Enter the email addresses of the friends you want to personally invite.
  • You can also share your Swagbucks’ link via social media or invite your Facebook contacts directly by connecting your Swagbucks page with your Facebook account.
  • For each friend who creates an account and begins earning, you will earn 10% of everything they earn for as long as they are active on Swagbucks!


6. The Swagbucks Visa

If you’re on the hunt for a new credit card, consider the Swagbucks Visa. You get 1,000 SB just for making a single purchase in the first 90 days (good for a $10 gift card of your choice) and this handy chart shows how you can earn lots of SB in different purchase categories!

7. KCL

When I don’t have time to visit multiple websites daily, I just visit KCL and I can find out about the best daily opportunities to earn Swagbucks while I’m there!


Let us know in the comments below how you use Swagbucks!

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