As a Krazy Coupon Lady, it goes without saying that I’m always looking for the best deals. However, as someone who is slightly mathematically-challenged, that isn’t always easy! Often, I come across several different sizes of the same product and I find myself unsure which is the best deal. Although I could pull out a calculator and try to figure it out myself, I usually just grab the cheapest one and go on my way. However, I recently discovered the mobile app Apples2Oranges, which figures out the best deal for you!

What’s Apples2Oranges?

Apples2Oranges is a price comparison and unit conversion app created to help users find the best deals while shopping. The app lets you compare two prices even when the items are different sizes.

How does it work?

Let’s say you’re at the store and you need to grab a roll of aluminum foil. Do you buy the package labeled 150 feet for $3.99 or do you get the one for $2.99 that comes with 18 meters? Simply input the two sizes and pricing information and hit the compare button. The app immediately calculates the price per foot, letting you know which is the better deal. Super simple! The app also works on units and serving size, allowing you to compare items such as vitamins, appetizers and more!

What other features does the app have?

In addition to simply comparing items by weight or units, you can actually use Apples2Oranges to compare calories, sodium, sugar or anything else on a nutritional label, making it easier to find products that fit into your diet or meal plan.

What devices does Apples2Oranges work on?

Apples2Oranges is currently available on the iTunes store and is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices running iOS 3.0 and higher.


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