Few things in life are so irritating as having to pay money to access your own money. Yet, all over the world, people do this each and every day. I've done it, and I would bet you've done it too—pulled up to an ATM in a rush, submitted your request, and then pushed the (way too pricey) “accept fee” button because you had no time to search for a free ATM. Well, not anymore! When you use these handy apps, you can ensure you locate a no-surcharge ATM no matter where in the world you find yourself.

1. My Bank Tracker

My Bank Tracker helps you locate your bank's ATMs, using a database of 8,000 banking institutions and 100,000 ATM locations to do so. The app uses GPS, so you can track locations up to several miles away. You can also save favorite searches—like searches that turn up no-surcharge ATMs, and searches on just your bank's ATMs.

2. ATM Hunter

Also called MasterCard Nearby, this app helps you find bank ATMs and Paypass-friendly ATMs globally using your device's GPS system. You can search (and save searches) on deposit-ready ATMs, no-surcharge ATMs, bank-specific ATMs, and more. Once you select an ATM, you can use the app's map and driving directions to navigate right to it.

3. Around Me

This handy app uses your phone's GPS system to search for ATMs in 220 countries. Not only that, but while it’s searching for ATMs, it will also search for eateries, gas stations, hotels, movie theaters, and all kinds of other essentials. Best of all, Around Me integrates seamlessly with many helpful apps, including Foursquare, OpenTable, MobileNavigator, and others.

4. MoneyPass ATM Locator

If your ATM card has a MoneyPass logo, you can use any ATM in the MoneyPass system free of surcharges. The network itself includes more than 20,000 ATM machines, and will guide you via GPS to the closest ATM, and then give you step-by-step directions using Google maps.

5. CO-OP ATM Locator 

If you belong to a co-op or credit union, you may find that the CO-OP ATM Locator app is your new BFF. With a network of 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs located around the country (including in very convenient spots like 7-Elevens, Walgreens, and Costcos) as well as in Puerto Rico, Guam, most military bases, and other locations, you may never pay ATM fees again!

6. Your Financial Institution

Many banks and credit unions are beginning to develop their own free apps to help their customers find surcharge-free ATMs around the globe. Here are some of the leading apps in this category.

Note: To find your bank or credit union, search "Your Institution Name" + "ATM Locator" + "App"

Never Pay ATM Fees Again with These 6 Apps