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20 Free Cloud Storage Options to Clean Up Your Desktop

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There are tech-savvy people, and then those not so great with the electronics. But regardless of which side you fall, you probably don’t need me to tell you that when you create a document and save it, it saves to your computer. If your desktop is bloated with files, you know exactly what I mean. Well, there’s another option: free cloud storage. Because let’s face it, your hobbies and knickknacks aren’t the only things that can use storage solutions.

Luckily, we’ve put together our top picks for free cloud storage. Below, we’ll help you better understand all the details about how and where to get the best cloud storage options, and it won’t cost you a penny.

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Wait, What Is Cloud Storage?

Essentially, cloud storage makes it possible to store your files online (in the cloud) instead of locally on your computer. If you have an internet connection, then you can save documents and files to the cloud. This includes images, audio clips, spreadsheets, and even videos. Cloud storage also makes it easier to share these files with others because all you have to do is send them the link to that file.

There are a few benefits to this approach. Cloud storage is more secure and keeps your items safe should your computer crash. You can get a lot more storage space for free or cheap. And you’ll be able to access your files from anywhere you can get online.

Thinking of moving to the cloud? We’ve curated a list of the 20 best free cloud storage services and will tell you why we’re including them.


The Top 20 Free Cloud Storage Solutions

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the cloud. These tools will make it a breeze. Note that we’re going to focus on the free versions, but these tools do have paid plans. Only cough up for those if you want something more robust or want to use it for professional reasons.


1. Google Drive

The Google Drive cloud storage website on a laptop

This is one of the go-tos because if you have a Gmail account, then you already have access to Google Drive. Click on the nine dots next to your profile picture and select Drive.

There are a few reasons I love Google Drive:

  • It comes with built-in protection against spam, malware, and ransomware.
  • It’s not just storage; you can also create stuff using Docs, Forms, Sheets (spreadsheets), and Slide (slideshows).
  • Drive offers immediate syncing, meaning updates you make reflect right away for anyone who accesses that file.
  • It integrates with other tools and apps, like Microsoft Office, Adobe, DocuSign, and Slack.
  • Drive has search capabilities so you can easily find the document you need.
  • You get access to Google Meet for video and voice conferencing. (In other words, make free calls!)
  • Personal use of Google Drive is free, and they give you 15 GB of space per user. If you want to upgrade, it starts at $12 per user per month.


2. Dropbox

The Dropbox cloud storage website on a laptop

This is another free cloud storage solution you’ve probably heard before. Like Google Drive, it’s super user-friendly but still comes with plenty of bells and whistles.

  • You can store files as large as 2 TB, and anyone can preview almost 200 file types.
  • They’ll never resell your data.
  • It syncs in a flash.
  • Dropbox offers a number of tools and features, like Sign (to get people’s signatures), Passwords (automatically store them), and Transfer (to securely and quickly send large files).
  • You get 2 GB of storage for free. After that, paid plans start at $9.99 per month.
  • Dropbox partners with other technologies like Google Suite, Microsoft, Slack, Zoom, Adobe, and even Canva!


3. iCloud

The Apple iCloud cloud storage website on a laptop

If you’re an Apple customer, then you might already be familiar with this free cloud storage solution (but Windows customers can use it, too). When you save items to iCloud, it’ll automatically sync to your devices, like your iPhone.

  • A number of your apps use iCloud for photo storage, backing up your data, storing emails, and maintaining all of your passwords. Notes, Messages, Contacts, and Calendar will also utilize Apple’s cloud storage. All of this is automatically set up when you join.
  • Users get 5 GB of storage for free.
  • Protect your account and enhance security with 2-factor authentication.
  • Anything from Apple is bound to be rock solid.

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4. OneDrive

The OneDrive cloud storage website on a laptop

This cloud storage is available for free to anyone who has a Microsoft account, and you can use OneDrive apps to sync your files on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Here’s what I love about OneDrive:

  • Save, edit, and access your files anywhere, anytime. They’ll sync instantaneously.
  • You can send files to others via email or text.
  • Everything stays backed up and protected.
  • Get 5 GB of free storage. Paid plans start at $19.99 a year.
  • Use your phone to scan and save multiple documents.
  • Use keywords and dates to search for your files.
  • Access certain files without even being online.
  • They’ll never scan your files or target ads to you.



The Sync cloud storage website on a laptop makes it easy to store all of your files and collaborate with/send them to others if you so choose.

  • You can start for free with 5 GB. Paid plans start at $6 per month.
  • Access your files anywhere, any time, from any device.
  • You can send files to people even if they don’t have an account of their own.
  • If you frequently share files, manage permissions to control who can see what.
  • You can search through your files directly within Windows Explorer and Mac Finder.
  • Should you encounter any security issues, you can recover from human error, hardware failure, and ransomware instantaneously.


6. Mega

The Mega cloud storage website on a laptop

Mega isn’t just a clever name. This free cloud storage service truly delivers.

  • Start for free with 20 GB of storage.
  • It offers end-to-end encryption, and you control the keys.
  • Encryption applies to exchanging messages, sharing files, and even having audio and video calls.
  • The desktop app is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Access your storage on any device, from anywhere on earth with an internet connection.
  • Mega owns their server infrastructure, which means that your data is always available.
  • Synchronization with your computer is easy and automated.
  • Mega retains historical versions of your files in case you ever need to revert back to them.


7. Internxt

The Internxt cloud storage website on a laptop

Internxt claims to be the world’s most private and secure cloud storage option. It’ll even fragment and encrypt your files.

  • Start for free with up to 10 GB of storage.
  • There are a number of connected apps that are customized based on the device you’re using.
  • They’ll never access or sell your data, and your experience won’t be compromised by annoying ads.
  • Internxt lives by the concept of zero knowledge. They’ll never store or transmit your files, passwords, or encryption keys unencrypted or unhashed. In other words, security is top-notch. In fact, it’s military-grade.
  • Share, sync, and back up all of your files with ease.



8. pCloud

The pcloud cloud storage website on a laptop

pCloud is used and trusted by big names like Uber, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Twitter. We love it because it’s robust and powerful but still simple and user-friendly.

  • Sign up and get 10 GB of storage for free.
  • Easily save, edit, and share all of your files.
  • pCloud Crypto offers an incredibly high level of encryption on all devices. Not even their own administrators can see what you’re storing.
  • Use it on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. They also have a browser extension compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.


9. IDrive

The iDrive cloud storage website on a laptop

IDrive offers some of the best defense against ransomware and streamlines all of your cloud storage and security needs.

  • The Basic plan is free and offers 10 GB of storage.
  • Whether you’re working with an external hard drive, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you can back everything up into one single account.
  • Sync all of your files and folders in real time.
  • Use the Snapshots feature to view up to 30 previous versions of your files.
  • Backups are incremental and compressed to ease network bandwidth.


10. WorkDrive

The Zoho WorkDrive cloud storage website on a laptop

Zoho WorkDrive offers online file management that’s sleek, simple, and highly secured. Store all of your important documents, photos, videos, and other files. Note that Work Drive is not free, but there is a 15-day free trial; just be sure to cancel in time so you aren’t charged the full amount. Tip: set up a calendar alert so you don’t miss the day to cancel!

  • It supports previews for more than 220 different types of file formats.
  • Changes you make to your files and folders sync automatically across all of your devices.
  • The search functionality helps you find the files you’re looking for in a matter of seconds.
  • Easily share large files via email, and modify the user permissions if desired.
  • Create personalized labels to organize everything to your liking.
  • WorkDrive comes with their own word processor, spreadsheet app, and presentation tool.
  • Security is multilayered, and files are always encrypted.
  • Download files offline.


11. Icedrive

The Icedrive cloud storage website on a laptop

Icedrive claims to be the next generation of cloud storage, and the proof is in the pudding with a revolutionary way of storing data.

  • Start with 10 GB of free storage.
  • Their drive mounting software acts like a physical hard drive but doesn’t take up valuable space.
  • They offer a wide variety of cloud storage apps available on multiple platforms.
  • They’re always evolving with the introduction of new features and apps.
  • Sophisticated caching means that there’s no downtime while your files sync.
  • They’re the only encrypted cloud storage offering that uses the twofish algorithm, which is bulletproof.
  • Everything gets encrypted, even file and folder names.
  • Zero-knowledge cryptography means that you are the only person who can decrypt and view your data.


12. Box Drive

The Box Drive cloud storage website on a laptop

Box Drive is used by names you’ve likely heard of, like NASA and Stanford Medicine. The flexibility and simplicity that they offer makes them a leading contender.

  • Box Drive works with all of your desktop apps, including Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe. Use it directly from your desktop, whether you’re on a Windows or Mac device.
  • Security is next-level and protects you from malware attacks (including ransomware), data leaks, and other account security issues.
  • You can view and edit your files even without internet access, and all of the updates will sync when you’re once again online.
  • The search functionality helps you find whatever file you’re looking for.
  • Box offers up to 10 GB of storage for free.


13. MediaFire

The Mediafire cloud storage website on a laptop

Over 150 million people are using MediaFire each month, and it’s easy to see why.

  • Share your files via a link, email, or social media network.
  • You can easily email even larger files.
  • Store up to 10 GB for free.
  • With ad-supported downloads, you’ll never hit a limit on bandwidth or downloads.
  • You can upload hundreds and even thousands of files at once.
  • Their One-Time links make it possible to send a file to one person without anyone else being able to access it.
  • You’ll never hit a bandwidth or download limit with ad-supported downloads.


14. Amazon Drive

The Amazon Drive cloud storage website on a laptop

They’re not just a marketplace giant. You can also use Amazon for free cloud storage. Big disclaimer: at the end of 2023, it will no longer be supported, but you can use Amazon Photos for all of your images and videos! Whatever you have in Amazon Drive will automatically be copied over to Amazon Photos.

  • If you’re an Amazon customer, you get 5 GB of storage for free.
  • Access, save, organize, and share your files across your desktop, mobile device, and tablet.
  • If you need more space, you can upgrade to a paid plan.


15. Blomp

The Blump cloud storage website on a laptop

Funny name, amazing and free cloud storage! Blomp is currently home to over 12 million files, more than 100,000 users, and has had over 1.3 million accesses.

  • You get 20 GB of free storage, although it can go up to 200 GB.
  • It works across Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhones, and Android.
  • You can even use it to store movies and music.



16. Koofr

The Koofr cloud storage website on a laptop

One storage for all, that’s Koofr’s motto. While this free cloud storage tool is lesser known, they still provide a highly secure and easily accessible solution.

  • Users can access 10 GB of storage space for free.
  • Use one app for all devices and keep all of your files under one roof.
  • Share links with added security by giving them an expiration date or changing the user permissions.
  • Koofr never tracks your activity. Your data is always encrypted and stored across a variety of data centers.
  • They never scan your files or keep copies after you delete them.
  • Use the desktop app on any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Access it on the go with the iOS, Android, or Huawei app.


17. Jumpshare

The Jumpshare cloud storage website on a laptop

Jumpshare is unique in that they combine file storage/sharing, screenshot capture, and video recording into one platform.

  • You can preview over 200 file formats online.
  • Use screenshots with annotations and markup to leave notes for anyone you want to share them with.
  • Record your screen and turn it into a video or GIF. You can even add drawings and audio to your screen recordings.
  • Start with two GB of space for free, plus one minute of recording time and up to 4K recording quality.
  • Use the app on a Windows 10 computer, a Mac, or the web.
  • Save files to the cloud using their simple drag-and-drop feature. Drop your files right onto the Jumpshare icon that sits in your main menu bar.


18. Degoo

The Degoo cloud storage website on a laptop

Degoo is an AI-based cloud storage service that offers a private feed to highlight all of your best memories.

  • They offer unlimited file sizes with no compromise on quality.
  • Everything is secured with end-to-end encryption.
  • If you want to send files, the recipient doesn’t need a Degoo account.
  • The free plan includes 20 GB of storage and can be used on three devices.
  • As a referral bonus, you can get an extra 5 GB of space.


19. MiMedia

The Mimedia cloud storage website on a laptop

While many of these services cater to both individuals and businesses, MiMedia was designed for personal use.

  • They have an app available on Android, Apple, and desktop (both Windows and Mac).
  • Start with 10 GB of space for free.
  • Instantly get access to 2,500 photos, 125 videos, 2,000 songs, and 10,000 documents.
  • If you ever want to upgrade, all of MiMedia’s paid plans are under $16 a month.


20. Filen

The Filen cloud storage website on a laptop

Filen is a generous cloud storage solution because even with the free plan, you get all of the features of the paid plans, just with limited storage space.

  • Start for free with 10 GB of space.
  • They use zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption.
  • Share files using public or private links.
  • Everything syncs across your browsers whether you’re on mobile, desktop, or tablet.
  • They use military-grade security and store everything in certificated high-security data centers in Germany.

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