Some people save a lot of money paying attention to things like sales and coupon offers — only to spend all their savings on gym memberships.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s how to up your fitness game and save money at the same time.


1. Work out for free for two months — take advantage of free trials at various gyms.

Lots of gyms offer free classes or even a free week of workouts. Try a few to mix up your workout and try out new fitness styles without breaking the bank.

We’ve even got a full list of where to go!


2. Download a free app to keep you motivated.

There are tons of free fitness apps that will help keep you moving.


3. Watch free workout videos on Amazon Prime.

There are hundreds of fitness videos of all types on Prime Video. Get toned by following along to your favorite.


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4. No Prime account? Check out YouTube for even more free videos.

You can watch all the health and fitness videos you want on YouTube and never pay a dime. One of the most popular is Fitness Blender, which hosts dozens of full-length workout videos.

Some people swear by these and skip the gym altogether.



5. Try a free trial of Daily Burn for killer workout sessions.

Daily Burn offers a 30-day free trial to access over 1,000 workouts, from yoga to cardio, that run from 10-30 minutes, and every single one of them is taught by a certified professional.


6. Try some free online yoga videos.

Do Yoga With Me offers free videos at all levels so you can do your Vinyasa in your living room without spending anything.


7. Try out Poshmark for cheap — or free! — used workout clothes.

Freshen up your workout clothes by trading in your old ones at Poshmark.

Poshmark is a free site that lets you sell your name brand clothes — even workout gear — and use the credit to buy some new-to-you threads.

Sign up here.


8. Hit up Old Navy for cheap workout gear.

Old Navy has workout tops that start at just $7.00, and pants that go for as little as $15.00. Compare that to Lululemon who starts their prices at $48.00, and there’s no contest.

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9. Start your own home gym so you never have to leave the house.

You don’t need an expensive and bulky treadmill — just a few hand weights or resistance bands. Walmart starts their prices for weights around $3.00.


10. Get outside and get back to nature and you’ll forget you’re even working out.

Take advantage of local trail systems or biking/jogging paths. We even have discount tips for national parks if you live near one.


11. Keep tabs on Groupon for discounted classes.

There are Groupons for yoga, CrossFit, boot camps and more depending on your area. Prices are typically anywhere between a 40% to 60% discount.



12. Use a video game system for a fun workout.

Try a little Dance Dance Revolution or Just Dance to break up the monotony. There are also fitness-oriented titles like Zumba Fitness. Don’t own those games? You can check them out at the library for free.


13. Stay hydrated with an upcycled milk jug.

Don’t spend big bucks on a water bottle. Make one for free with a milk jug. Simply mark the time of day with a line indicating the amount of water you should drink by then.

You’ll get your water intake and you won’t spend a dime on fancy gear.


14. Prep your meals to save cash and calories.

Don’t give yourself an excuse to eat out: prep all of your meals ahead of time. You’ll eat healthier and save money.


15. Find a good deal on a Fitbit.

A good fitness tracker like a Fitbit can help you hit your goals and motivate you to push yourself, but they aren’t cheap. Follow our deals page to get the best price on Fitbit (and set up deal notifications so you don’t miss a single sale).


16. Start a workout squad.

Chances are you know someone else who has some fitness goals. Join forces to share ideas — and gear. Bonus: working out at a park is a lot easier when you do it in a group.


17. Start your own fitness blog to stay accountable.

Not only will you want to work out more so that you can blog about it, but you’ll also be able to network with like-minded folks and gain fitness knowledge.



18. Up your miles by participating in a free running challenge.

Ideal Fit hosts a free 15 day running challenge to keep you engaged and accountable.


19. Dance your way to fit for free.

Get a free one-month trial of Hip Shake Fitness, and take advantage of free, in-home dance workouts.


20. Stay accountable with a food log.

It’s easier to keep track of your healthy calories with a food log. Print one out for free, make your own, or download a free app.


21. Feel like a kid again by taking your workout to the playground.

You can get a full body workout at your average playground. Just go early in the morning so you don’t have to share the jungle gym with any kids.


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The Cheapskate's Guide to Getting Fit in 2019