What are the top 10 worst superheroes? What are the origins of 10 popular cartoon characters? The answers can be found on Listverse, and for those who love to make lists, this site is also a way to make money!

The ultimate list site

Listverse is a website dedicated to providing top 10 lists. Their audience reaches over 6 million users who visit to be intrigued and learn about topics such as art and literature, entertainment, religion and more. Current lists include the top must-see animated short films, top luxury foods, origins of common Christmas traditions, and top bizarre TV incidents, to name a few.

How it works

Visit Listverse's “Submit” page to review requirements for creating and submitting a list. In a nutshell, Listverse is looking for unique, original content created in a list format. This can include facts, misconceptions, etc.

The list can be about nearly anything. Need inspiration? There are 15 different categories to consider. But for a list to be considered it must contain information that isn’t widely known. Look for something unique and offbeat for a better chance at a successful submission.

Lists must be a minimum of 1,000 words and each must have between 10 and 20 items. Using images and video is encouraged but not mandatory. If a list is published the writer gets $100! Additionally, at the end of the month if that list is included in the top five most popular lists the writer gets a $100 bonus! Payment is remitted via PayPal.


Reviews for Listverse have been positive. The plus side for many? The entertainment value and the chance to learn new things.

If nothing else, Listverse offers the ultimate comeback when arguing over trivia during family gatherings. When rattling off the top 10 courtroom scenes in movies and an annoying uncle asks how you could possibly know this information, you can calmly respond “Because I wrote it.” Oh, snap!

 This is a guest post by Jennifer from San Antonio, TX
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