Most of us enjoy relaxing at the end of a hard workday in front of the TV, watching mindless reality shows or catching up on our favorite series. Now, imagine earning money for doing it–right from your couch! The company Viggle has released an app for Iphone (Android coming soon) that makes this possible!

How Viggle Knows You’re Watching TV

Viggle is an app that allows you to check-in to your favorite programs or movies by tapping a button and listening for the content of the show.  It will match to the list of shows currently being played on your cable provider's network.  It will then allow you to confirm that the show it identified is the one you are watching. Note: If it does not correctly identify your show after 2 attempts, you can manually enter the title to still collect points.

How to Earn Points/Money

For every minute of TV you watch, Viggle will award you 2 points. This quickly adds up, especially if you are watching a movie or sporting event. Viggle's app also features movie trailers, commercials, and trivia questions that you can choose to view for additional points.  Major television events, such as the Super Bowl or the Grammys, have a live interactive game that asks you trivia questions about the event.  You can earn up to 10,000 points! (Ex: I earned 2000 points just by predicting that Adele would win Record of the Year.) Once you have enough points to earn a prize (typically 4000-7500 points) you can choose from a variety of eGift cards. Stores include CVS, Target, Amazon, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Itunes etc. Once you select which gift card you would like, there is a section on the app that retains the gift card information. In addition, you will receive an email that displays that information.

Why You Should Use Viggle

Who doesn't like to gain money for an activity they would already be doing? For the people who do not watch much TV, how many times do you find yourself  playing a game on your phone to relieve boredom? This is the perfect time for you to earn points towards a gift card! Any couponer out there knows how valuable gift cards are towards our out-of-pocket spending!

To give you an idea: I have only had this app for 3 weeks and have earned (7) $5 gift cards, allowing me to participate in many of the couponing deals that I would not have considered spending money out-of-pocket for. I am so glad I heard about this app and want to share it with all of the other Krazy Coupon Ladies out there!

This has been a guest post by Ashley from Princeton, NJ
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