2018 is the year you must learn how to triple dip and get credit card points, cash back, and gift cards for every purchase you make!

The key here is to link the same credit cards to each one of these apps. In the end, you’ll get whatever credit card rewards points your credit card company dishes out, a check in the mail from Ebates four times a year, and gift cards to your favorite places like Gap, Starbucks, Amazon and more.


1. Download Walla.by and it’ll tell you when to use each credit card for the most points possible.

Many credit cards have “categories” you can earn different amounts of points in, based on what you’re buying. For example, I have a card that gives me 1 point per dollar for retail purchases, but 3 points per dollar for fuel purchases and 6 points per dollar for grocery purchases!

Clearly, the strategy for earning points is to know when to use what card. For example, I’d only ever use this card to buy groceries. This is where Walla.by comes in, because it’s both a browser extension and an app that tells you which of your credit cards will give you the most points or cash back for particular purchases. Including online purchases! Link all the cards that earn credit card rewards to the Walla.by app, and then let Walla.by be the boss of what card you use.


2. Shop through Ebates online or in-store to earn cash back.

Ebates isn’t new but it’s a vital part of the triple dipping strategy. Shop online through the Ebates portal or in-store. To use the in-store approach, you need to link certain Ebates offers to the credit card that Walla.by tells you to use, based on highest point redemption of the card itself. After you make a purchase, Ebates gives you a percentage back in the form of a check once a quarter or cash deposits directly to your PayPal account.


3. Earn points you can redeem for gift cards through Drop.

Last, you need a loyalty program of sorts to earn from while you’re getting credit card rewards and an Ebates check. Just link the credit cards you’re using with Walla.by and Ebates to Drop, and you’ll get points through Drop every time you use your cards at five of your favorite stores. It’s like a universal loyalty program.

Get points when you buy a latte at Starbucks or when you do your regular grocery shopping at Walmart. Shop and earn as you go. When you earn points, you can cash them out for gift cards to top stores and restaurants. When you begin, you’ll be prompted to choose five stores to earn at. Choose stores you frequent the most!


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How to Triple-Dip to Get More Money from Every Purchase