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Founded in 2007, Slicethepie is dedicated to helping undiscovered artists get heard. This music reviewing website pays participants for listening to and reviewing music. As of this writing, nearly $1 million has been paid to music reviewers. The amount of pay received for each review depends on the participant’s ranking (this is based on the quality of the review). A high-ranking reviewer writes longer, detailed, well-written reviews, and when reviews exceed the highest standards, the writers receive a bonus payment. Earnings are remitted via PayPal, and you can withdraw once you reach $10.

Work from Home Watchdog shows the ranking system for reviewers:

  • 1 Star – $0.03 per track
  • 2 Star – $0.06 per track
  • 3 Star – $0.09 per track
  • 4 Star – $0.12 per track
  • 5 Star – $0.15 per track

The feedback from users indicates that pay is low and might not be worth it unless you are a big music lover. But for music fans interested in being part of the review process, or for those looking for a few extra dollars, it could be worth a try.

Music XRay

New artists are the focus on Music XRay. Musicians are able to get feedback about their music, improve, and get discovered. Fans are able to listen to music, voice their opinions, and get compensated for their efforts. For additional inspiration, check out the “Success Stories” page that shows real music artists who have achieved success through participation in Music XRay. The pay is higher, with offers of up to $0.50 per review, according to The Bot Net.


Imagine having the chance to be the first to hear new music and evaluate it before it reaches the rest of the world. This is the idea behind HitPredictor, a site that allows reviewers to evaluate new music and earn Amazon gift cards in the process. The reviews on HitPredictor help determine whether a song should be released as a radio single.

Work from Home Watchdog reviews indicate the site is easy to navigate, and users enjoy interactive features that include raffles, giveaways and other contests.

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