One of Starbucks’ best secrets can save you money. Baristas know about it, but it's not on any menu. Excited to find out what could actually help you spend less at Starbucks?

The secret is the "short." The short is an 8 ounce version of any hot drink offered at Starbucks.  The “short” version of the cappuccino, for example, costs on average about $1.00 less than the 12 ounce "tall" size. The great news is that the short cappuccino actually has the same amount of espresso in it as the tall cappuccino does.  If you're like me, getting the same amount for less is always a winning combination! Here’s an added bonus:  you can also get free refills with the short.

When ordering the short, be sure to use your registered Starbucks Rewards card for extra discounts. In addition to that savings, Starbucks will deduct $0.10 per cup by using your own mug or tumbler. It's clear that being able to save money at Starbucks can be done by simply ordering a short and stacking some promotions.

Here's how to save

  • Order the short option of your favorite hot drink.
  • Use your Starbucks Reward Card for additional savings.
  • Bring your own mug or tumbler and save $0.10 per cup.

The next time a cup of Starbucks sounds perfect and you want to save some cash, simply ask for the short.

Have you discovered another way to save at Starbucks? Please share!


A Little Secret to Saving Big at Starbucks