Although I don’t have an abundance of free time, I love to settle down with a good book whenever I do get a few moments to myself. I often find myself picking up books at local bookstores or neighborhood garage sales and have built quite a collection over the years. But what do you do when those piles of books start to outnumber your bookshelves? Sell them for extra cash, of course! With BookScouter you can compare sites that buy used books and find out who will pay you the most for that dusty stack.

What is BookScouter?

BookScouter is a site that aims to help users get the highest price when selling used books and textbooks. Instead of manually checking all of the websites that buy used books, BookScouter does it for you! BookScouter searches over 40 different sites that buy used books and brings you a comprehensive list of each site and what they’re currently offering for your book, making it easy to get the most money possible.

How does it work?

To use BookScouter, simply input the book’s ISBN number (usually found on the back of the book near the barcode) on the homepage, and BookScouter will search over 40 different sites, allowing you to see which site is paying the most for that book. Some of the sites that BookScouter searches include Amazon, Chegg, Book Jingle and Cash4Books. Once the buy prices come up, you can click on any of the companies, which will lead you directly to that site’s page, where you can sell your book. Although policies vary from site to site, most offer free shipping and will pay you via Paypal or check once the books are inspected.

How much can I get for my used books?

Prices for used books can vary greatly from just $1 or $2 for low-value paperbacks and older books to as high as $550. Yes, you read that correctly—$550! Although books that fetch that kind of cash are few and far between, you never know what treasures you may find when book hunting at local garage sales. However, you’ll find that the majority of books can be sold for anywhere from $1 to $75, with up-to-date textbooks generally garnering the highest prices.

Does BookScouter have an app?

Yes! With the free BookScouter app, available for iPhone and Android devices, you can snap photos of books’ barcodes, saving yourself the time and hassle of typing in ISBN numbers. This is a great tool if you’re hunting for treasures at flea markets, thrift stores or anywhere else that you come across used books. After all, you just never know where you may find that next literary treasure!

Make Cash and Get the Best Price for Selling Your Books with Bookscouter