Hello. My name is fabulous. It says so right here on my business card, so it must be true!

Why pay someone else to design your business cards when it can be done at home, in a customized and original style, for free? Hello, fabulous!

Here’s how to make business cards at home.

Make Free Business Cards on DeGraeve.com:

  1. Visit DeGraeve.com  Enter your information in the template. Enter up to 10 lines of text and choose from three different font sizes as well as bold or italic font.
  2. Create a logo for your business card using a program such as Microsoft Paint. For my sample business card, I copied a graphic from the Krazy Coupon Lady website and pasted it into Microsoft Paint. In Microsoft Paint, I then clicked on “Resize,” selected Pixels, and entered 600 for both horizontal pixels and vertical pixels. I also selected “Maintain aspect ratio.” I then saved the image as a JPEG file on my computer. Logos should be at least 600 pixels in height and width. Logos smaller than that will look pixelated. For best results, your logo should be on a white background.
  3. Click on the grey “Upload Logo” button.
  4. After uploading a logo, click on the green “Preview” button to see a preview of the business card.
  5. The preview will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Here’s what the preview of my Frugal Fannie business card looked like:
  6. If you are satisfied with your preview, click on the green “Download” button. A new screen will open showing 12 business cards arranged in a four row/three column grid. Click on “File” and then select “Save Page As.” Save the page as a JPEG file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader? Download it for free here.
  7. Print the file you saved on Adobe Acrobat Reader on standard letter size paper. To make your business cards more substantial, print them on thicker paper or card stock. Cut the business cards by trimming .25 inch from the edge of each side of the printout and then cut the cards to 3.5 in x 2 in. You’ll get 12 business cards to a page. For a more accurate cut, use the paper cutter/cropper available at FedEx Kinko’s. Tip: The store generally won’t charge people to use their paper cutter/cropper, but it’s a good idea to at least buy a couple photocopies to avoid looking like a freeloader.

Other Options:

You can make your own business cards on Microsoft Word by following the instructions given on the Microsoft support site.There are also a variety of websites/blog that offer free printable business cards such as Sprik Space, Cottage Industrialist (paisley print cards), and How About Orange (argyle print cards).

Make Your Own Business Cards for Free!