Companies spend a lot of money on their websites. A good website, plus a steady flow of traffic to it, will result in money for website owners. One of the things that makes or breaks a website is the design. Web surfers often have short attention spans, and if the site can't grab their attention or make it easy for users to find what they came looking for, they will quickly move on to the next website. Companies lose money as a result. That's why they need your help to test how user-friendly their websites are, and that's how you can earn cash.

Who hasn't complained out loud about a poorly designed website? Turn your complaints or praise into cash. is in the business of providing valuable feedback to webmasters and companies about their websites. You get paid to let companies know what confuses or annoys you about a particular website.

The company provides the software, which you'll download, to record you as you navigate the websites. Your job is to think aloud as you complete tasks. For example, Company A might ask you to pretend to be a customer and purchase an electronic product. You would record yourself going through the process–stating what's good, what's bad, what needs improvement — and the software would record your computer screen showing what you're doing at the same time. The pay is $10 per test.

If you're looking for additional work, try The concept is the same. You speak your thoughts as you complete assigned tasks. The web owner pays to get feedback on areas of the website that don't make sense, which could use some improvements, or that are good. You have to fill out a one page form to apply, and you'll get assignments based on your demographics. It's similar to filling out a survey, except you're providing feedback about websites, not yourself.

One of the primary benefits to companies using sites like these is that they can fix any glitches on their websites before they go live. If you're a techy, then you might enjoy earning cash with There's a major difference between working with this company and the ones mentioned above. You have to use a webcam. Screen based recording software, which is what is used by the other companies, captures what's on your computer screen. The webcam will be recording you. If you're not comfortable with that, then this gig is not for you.  Keep this major difference in mind when you're making your decision about where to apply.

Testing websites is more interactive and requires the use of more skills than taking surveys. It's a great way to build a work at home resume while earning extra cash.

How to Earn Cash Reviewing Websites